Part of The Dark Age Era
Start Date 21 April 3139
End Date 27 April 3139
Result The Free Worlds League is revived
Coalition of former Free Worlds League states Regulan Fiefs
Commanders and leaders
Captain-General Jessica Marik Captain-General Lester Cameron-Jones

Operation HOMECOMING was a multinational military operation conducted in Free Worlds League space and led by the Oriente Protectorate. The campaign was designed to help unite the militaries of various coalition allies to cement the founding of a newly unified Free Worlds League. The plan was to have each state contribute a military formation (regiment, militias, etc.) in the effort to take three key worlds to finalize the reunification. The military commander of the force was Thaddeus Marik, Warden-General of the Covenant Worlds.

List of participating Units of Operation HOMECOMING[edit]

A dozen military units were involved in combat operations. The following are some noted participants and units involved.

Campaign Review[edit]


Captain-General Jessica Marik sent out "invitations" to potential military allies to join the campaign to ultimately take the former FWL capital world of Atreus from Regulan Fiefs.[1] The campaign was designed in two phases. The first phase was to take the worlds of Ionus and Alterf, then in the second phase converge on Atreus itself. Creating a bridge between two halves of the former League which left Atreus in middle. The Alternate plan was to leap frog Ionus and Alterf and take Atreus head on.[2]

Some of the Military Commanders met in a series of planning meetings on Loyalty, in April, while others met at the Free Worlds League Central command stationed on Tongatapu.

Campaign History[edit]

Ionis and Alterf were quickly taken by Homecoming forces in early April.

Second phase of Military operations began in April 21st, where JumpShips of both task forces converged on the Atreus system via pirate points. A Regulan Scout-class JumpShip, the Ohla, immediately jumped out of system to Hellos Minor to report Regulan commands of the invasion.

League forces engaged 1st Regulan Hussars defending vital facilities such as the Imperial Autoweapons plant on Alexander Plateau on Corin, and the Imstar Aerospace plant on the continent of Lanan.

Unknown to League forces, Regulan Captain-General Lester Cameron-Jones had placed his forces, weeks advance waiting for Oriente and its allies to attack Atreus. Captain-General led a fleet consisting of three Star Lord-class JumpShips, packed with his Fifth Regulan Hussars. On the 24th of April, his fleet jumped into the system, however the fleet was forced to withdraw, when confronted by the Clan Sea Fox WarShip, Voidswimmer. By preventing the Regulan fleet from reinforcing the landed troops to the new League, the Clan Protectorate expedition successfully participated in the liberation of Atreus.


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