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Part of Third Succession War
Start Date 3018 - 3019
Location Several Planets
Planet Nathan
Result Cranston Snord victory
Commanders and leaders
Cranston Snord
Forces involved
Snord's Irregulars Several Marik Units


Operation JUNK YARD DOG was born as a reprisal of the attack on Clinton made by elite Marik forces and ordered by Janos Marik. Snord's precious art collection located in their Museum was stolen, destroyed or badly damaged, constituting a considerable blow against the morale of Snord's Irregulars and also pushing them close to bankruptcy. Katrina Steiner stepped in in their favor, however. Following a personal audience which she granted Cranston Snord within a week of his return to Clinton, she gave Snord's Irregulars an advance on pay as well as permission to attack the Free Worlds League at will.[1] She also loaned the unit a JumpShip, though Samual Sneede opined that "it should have been on its way to the scrap yard when we got it".[2] Thelos Auburn had been caught up in the attack, and by coincidence had overheard from Marik troops that the stolen treasures were brought to Nathan.[3]

The Junk Yard Dog Affair[edit]

The Irregulars plotted their revenge against House Marik for the next three months: a daring deep-penetration raid dubbed Operation JUNK YARD DOG (after one of the old songs in the music collection of Rhonda Snord). Its aim was to regain the stolen museum pieces and to end Marik's harassment once and for all.[4]


Battle of Nathan (3018) The rural world of Nathan, deep in FWL space and occasionally used for R&R by FWL troops, was identified as the place where the museum pieces had been brought, due to be sold on the free market. The Lyran Commonwealth paid for stolen security codes that allowed Snord's Irregulars to disguise their DropShip as a FWL vessel returning from the front. The DropShip was cleared and landed on Nathan as guests of the local Earl on Friday, March 13, 3018. During approach, it secretly combat-dropped the Irregulars. Although many military units were present on the planet, they were unprepared and totally surprised by the attack. Snord's Irregulars reclaimed many pieces of their collection in simultaneous engagements in several cities across the planet over the next two weeks before the FWL could bring in reinforcements.[5]


Battle of Holt (3018) In response to the attack, the FWL reinforced the border in an attempt to cut off Snord's escape route. But the Irregulars drove even deeper into FWL territory instead and staged a surprise attack on the residential palace of House Marik on the planet Holt, where they overran the weak and surprised household guards and Rainbow Company of the 27th Marik Militia within a few hours and took Jason Marik-Torrenson, third cousin to Janos, hostage. They recovered some more booty that had been brought here from Clinton and also appropriated supplies and spare parts.[6]

Return to Clinton[edit]

Lyran intelligence indicated that much of the garrison of the planet Oliver had been mobilized and sent away to search for Snord's Irregulars in the confusion created by their attack on Holt. Trying to capitalize on this weak spot Katrina Steiner launched an attack against Oliver. Although not a coordinated move, it was just the diversion Snord needed to make it back across the border to Clinton, where he re-appeared with his unit four months after the raid.[1]


In response to Operation Junk Yard Dog, the enraged Janos Marik sent Carp's Commandos, a suicide team, against Clinton. Led by one Lieutenant Marty Carp, who was pulled out of prison for the mission, the unit was composed entirely of rejects and convicts who received substandard equipment and knew they were not expected to return. The raiders landed off-target, however, and were soundly defeated by Snord's Irregulars after having lost the element of surprise.[7]

Despite its brilliant success, Operation Junk Yard Dog had inflicted heavy damage on the Irregulars’ equipment that took six months and most of their money to repair. Again, they had to sell parts of the recaptured museum pieces to stay afloat.[1] They had, however, won an impressive reputation.[8]


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