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Operation Roland’s Horn - This was a Federated Suns military operation conducted at the dawn of the Third Succession War in 2930, against Houses Liao & Kurita.


Conception & Plan[edit]

Field Marshal of the Capellan March and Heir-apparent Peter Davion formulated a military plan to reap worlds from the weakened borders of the Capellan Confederation. Peter Davion pushed his father for two years to break the Armistice of Van Diemen IV.

Peter designed Roland's Horn as a two-pronged thrust at the House Liao border near Terra. With one of the invasion forces launching from the Davion world of Demeter, and another from Addicks.

The Demeter Task force, led by Field Marshal Davion, would target the Capellan worlds while the other would target Draconis Combine-held worlds.

Capellan Front[edit]

In 2930, Marshal Davion's task force assaulted New Aragon with the 1st Avalon Hussars RCT. The Hussars' heavily laden Aerospace force overwhelmed that of the garrison force. While on the planet, the Liao commander would order a withdrawal, citing orders from the Chancellor to avoid losses.

Field Marshall Davion's task force went on to the primary targets of Ankaa, Deneb, Halloran V, and Ruchbah with little to no resistance. On Kawich, New Hessen, and Nopah FedSun forces met some resistance to their invasion, despite them being secondary targets.[1][2]

Draconis Front[edit]

At the same time as his son's invasion began, First Prince Joseph Davion II led his task force to the Draconis Combine world of Xhosa VII.

In the Xhosa VII system, First Prince's task force using false IDs slipped into the system. Xhosa VII's defenders had been fooled by MIIO mis-information campaign thinking the bulk of the Davion forces were focused on assaulting the Confederation. The Davion's ships had moved among heavy civilian traffic towards the planet orbit. However, Combine forces identified them midway through their flight to planet. Once on the ground, Kurita Aerospace Fighters bombed Davion's DropShip, including critically injuring the First Prince in his BattleMaster. Kurita forces thinking they had crippled the Davion's forces grew confident they could win. However, General Wallance Mickertrick took over command and kept the invasion together, pushing back the resurgent Kurita forces. The campaign for the planet ended in 2931, where General Mickertick dueled and killed garrison commander General Sakamoto in the planetary capital.[3]


As Peter Davion began to gather his forces for the second phase of the operation, word of his father's condition reached him. In 2931, he would take throne from his stricken father. His military operation ended with the fall of Xhosa VII.


Details of the ending of Roland's Horn was not made clear as of this writing.


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