Operation SWITCHBACK was the name of Clan Wolverine's plan to escape Clan space and return to the Inner Sphere. The plan was created by Khan Sarah McEvedy in mid-2823, as it became clear that Clan Wolverine was targeted by the other Clans, and ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky himself, for destruction as an object lesson. [1]


While never fully detailed, it becomes clear that there were several facets to the operation:

  • Evacuation plan from Clan Wolverine enclaves
  • Destruction of remaining assets and structures - "scorched earth"
  • Liberation of Exodus-era WarShips from the Norfolk and San Diego Boneyards
  • Capture of McKenna's Pride to extract Strana Mechty enclave and bombard Grand Council targets
  • A "reverse Exodus" to the Inner Sphere, first attempting to lull the Clan fleet into charging forward along the Exodus Road, then following cautiously behind.


Operation SWITCHBACK worked well at first. The first several goals were achieved, and the "reverse Exodus" had begun, but the Clan fleet discovered Khan Franklin Hallis's group of Wolverines on 27 June 2824, on a planet codenamed "Barbados", where they had grounded in need of supplies. Wolverine saKhan Trish Ebon's group was out of position and hampered by jump drive failure, and so the naval battle was quite one-sided. Several ships did manage to escape, but on 7 July 2824, the Clans bid for the final ground battle.

The outcome was a foregone conclusion, but the treachery of Clan Widowmaker Khan Jason Karrige was revealed by the ilKhan, and Franklin Hallis received the justice of slaying him before he was defeated by Star Colonel Ferris Ward. The rest of the Wolverine forces present were destroyed. However, the second group under saKhan Ebon survived, met up with several other Wolverine units, and fled Clan space. [2]


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