Part of The Star League
Start Date October 3068
End Date April 1st, 3070
Result A sort of draw
Capellan Confederation Federated Suns
Commanders and leaders
Duke George Hasek

Operation: THUNDERSTRIKE was a Capellan Confederation military counterattack campaign conducted between October, 3068 and April 1st, 3070. The operation was counterinvasion to repel renegade Federated Suns military forces deployed from the Capellan March from the St. Ives Commonality and take revenge for the deceased Duchess Candace Allard-Liao and (seemingly) killed Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao.

Operation Brief[edit]

In June 3068, Duke George Hasek launched his ambitious campaign against the Confederation named Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE. His campaign sliced through the Confederation and effectively captured the St. Ives Commonality and a number of other worlds.

In October 3068, an orbital strike was made on Sian's Forbidden City, apparently by the Federated Suns. With the Imperial Palace in ruins, and no sign of the Chancellor, Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn declared himself regent of the Confederacy and launched his own campaign. His position was bolstered by anti-Federated Suns sentiments that had grown in occupied areas of the St. Ives Commonality, especially after reports that Sian's attacker was a Davion WarShip, and it was responsible for the death of their beloved Duchess.

Sang-jiang-jun Zahn divided his forces into three Task Forces (TF) named "Sheng Lung": "Light Horse" and "Vengeance." These three task forces and supporting efforts are listed in following sections. These task forces served as three pronged attacks for Zahn's efforts into the Federated Suns. In order to form up these task forces, he conducted a first Wave to tie up FedSun forces.

Capellan Confederation Units and "Allied" Forces[edit]

Known military forces who are listed per the task forces they were assigned to after the Second Wave and independent force.

Task Force Shen Lung[edit]

The task force's primary pathway was to cut through Capellan March itself from Liao downward to New Syrtis.

Task Force Light Horse[edit]

This task force's primary pathway was from the center of the St. Ives Commonality on a "southeast" approach to New Syrtis.

Task Force Vengeance[edit]

The primary pathway assigned to this task force was to depart from the Victoria Commonality into the belly of Capellan March, ultimately cutting upwards from the Pleiades Cluster to attack New Syrtis from the "south".

Supporting & Independent Forces[edit]

First Wave[edit]

Beginning in October 3068, the CCAF organized existing forces already engaged or nearby to fight delaying battles while the task forces were assembled. (Many of the CCAF combat organizations are listed in Supporting & Independent Forces section above.) These actions occurred in three prongs.

First Prong[edit]

On Randar, the Holdfast Guards engaged and nearly wiped out the 20th Avalon Hussars, killing its commanding General Randy Hasek-Bills.[1] It had been supported by newly refitted Feng Huang-class Cruiser, CCS Ilsa Hyung. With only a company in strength remaining, the 20th Avalon retreated to the world of Bethel.[2]

On Aldertaine, the 5th MAC fought a brutal battle for control of the planet. It successfully pushed the 5th Crucis Lancers off world.[3] Remshield's Dragoons and Warrior House Imarra attacked and liberated Hexare. Both units shattered the Davion mercenary force (the 4th Illician Lancers), prompting them to withdraw from the world.

The most notable battle in the First Wave was that for Ares, where the 4th MAC had (reportedly) never given up the planet. The Davion forces had not gained upper hand against the MAC. In mid-October, the Blackwind Lancers arrived on-planet to relieve the 4th MAC. Believing that the Free Capella unit was on her side, General Serena Thomas-Hasek allowed the Blackwind Lancers to approach unchallenged. Her first inkling of danger was when Senior Colonel Warner Doles opened fire on her Templar at point-blank range while the rest of the Blackwind Lancers fired on the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers[4]and nearly wiped out the unit (85% worth of losses),[5] along with its commander, General Serena Thomas-Hasek.[6]

Second Prong[edit]

In the second prong, CCAF forces struck worlds such as Glasgow and Overton. New Westin was most noteworthy for the Death Commandos and 5th CRC utterly destroying the Free Capellan forces of Jie Fang Legion. On Overton, Capellan Forces force FedSun forces pull off-planet, but not before they annihilate 15th Dracon and its companion force of Warrior House Ijori.[7] However the Ijori survivors were able to hold the field to force the First Federated Suns Lancers from the planet.

Third Prong[edit]

The third prong of CCAF forces attacked FedSun forces on Halloran V, Housekarle, Liao, and Homestead. On Necromo, the CCAF forces failed retake the world from Hasek's Khorsakhov’s Cossacks and the 2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry took considerable amounts of damage from the attempt.[8]

Second Wave[edit]

On October 20th, 3068 the second wave began; Task Forces (TFs) had come together and began the Capellan offensive into FedSuns territory. Task Forces assembled on and attacked from Menke, Zanzibar, and Victoria.

TF Light Horse struck worlds of St. Ives Commonality, hitting worlds held by Davion forces such as Teng, No Return, and St. Ives. Meanwhile TF Shen Lung arrived on Almach and hammered the Davion invaders. TF Vengeance moved towards the border, hitting (like the other two task forces) Davion supply lines making sure they were certifiably cut off from the Suns.

Task Force Shen Lung arrived on Valexa where they destroyed the Valexa CMM. Task Force Light Horse arrives on St. Ives, and engages in several weeks of battle for the planet.

Supportive Actions[edit]

The Third MAC moves to capture Tallin, while for mysterious reasons the Word of Blake forces attack and capture Kittery. The 13th Division eliminates both the Kittery Borderers and the Kittery Training Battalion on planet.[9]

Third Wave[edit]

In this wave in beginning of January 3069, most of the Confederation worlds invaded by the FedSuns were reclaimed. The most dramatic action of this wave was the total destruction of Khorsakhov’s Cossacks. Utilizing a Capellan WarShip, the Cossacks were annihilated by orbital strike on Necromo. TF Light Horse reclaimed Haappajarvi[10] and Hadnall where the 2nd St. Ives Lancers took moderate damage from the AFFS forces there. TF Shen Lung met light resistance on Ashkum, with most FedSun forces having already pulled out. Frazer and Mendham were attacked by TF Vengeance as they made their way FedSun space. The task force efforts were assisted in this prong of attacks by the 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry and Warrior House LuSann assaulting FedSun world of Manapire. Other FedSun worlds, such as Bromhead and Verlo, were raided to disrupt the March's defenders.

After securing Confederation worlds, the task forces surged forward to invaded worlds of Robsart,[11] Glentworth, and Wrentham. TF Light Horse claimed Safe Port in prong attack into Capellan March.

Supporting Actions[edit]

From the other regions of the Confederation, reinforcements arrived in the FedSuns securing Aucara, Lee, Cammal and Jonzac.

In disguised support of House Liao's forces, the Word of Blake's 13th Division augmented by elements of the 41st Shadow Division's Manei Domini troopers took Denbar and Spica.[12] This left many in Davion space thinking these were more Capellans working with Blakists.

Post–Third Wave[edit]

With the wave ending in February, Duke Hasek issued a recall order to his troops after losing vital supplies and many of his own worlds. The success of THUNDERSTRIKE forced him to shift his troops to counteract the coordinated counterattacks by the Capellan forces and the independent WoB Militia.

Fourth Wave[edit]

Task Force Shen Lung[edit]

In May, 3069 Task Force Shen Lung attacked Kathil, hitting the badly damaged shipyards. House Dai Da Chi suffered critical damage from fighting Kathil's defenders. Shen Lung forces were able to obliterate the 8th Donegal Guards and reduce the shipyard to 10 percent operational capacity. The task force split into two groups and began "leapfrogging" various systems, simply raiding systems while moving downward to New Syrtis. Carmacks, Cumberland, Stein's Folly and Wappingers were some of the worlds hit by the leapfrogging units before the task force regrouped at Hobson.

Task Force Light Horse[edit]

TF Light Horse faced heavy fighting on Bacum, where it used its WarShip's guns to obliterate the half of Bacum City and completely destroying its spaceport. The orbital strike was cover for the 3rd MAC's landing. The 3rd MAC fought the Gamma Regiment of the 12th Vegan Rangers. The Rangers took ninety percent damage from fighting before Capellans claimed the field. The task force went on to hit the world of Jaipur as well.

Task Force Vengeance[edit]

TF Vengeance moved to hit the Davion worlds of Mandaree[13] and Ridgebrook. Fighting on Ridgebrook was brutal and heavy, with the world falling into Liao hands in August.

Fifth Wave, the Battle of New Syrtis, and Ceasefire[edit]

In September, the final wave of THUNDERSTRIKE began with a diversionary assault on the (now twice hit) world of Halloran V. This action held key Davion reinforcements in place while the main task forces themselves began to hit their primary objective: New Syrtis.

TF Light Horse assaulted Taygeta and forced its defenders off planet in September. At the same time, TFs Vengeance and Shen Lung dropped on top of New Syrtis's six defending and battered regiments. These included 3rd Ceti Hussars, 4th Donegal Guards, 6th Syrtis Fusiliers, and New Syrtis CMM, supported by mercenary regiments Borodin's Vindicators and the Vanguard Legion.

In October, Task Force Light Horse, pursuing AFFS forces, arrived at New Syrtis to reinforce other Task Forces. The aerospace mercenary command The Medusans, arrived in New Syrtis orbit and engaged the Impavido-class Destroyer Zhejiang. Damage was inflicted on the Zhejiang while the Medusans were forced to withdraw from New Syrtis.

On the planet, the clashes of Capellan and Davion forces inflicted significant damage to the planetary infrastructure including its cities and industries.

Conclusion and Aftermath[edit]

The fighting New Syrtis continued until January 3070, when Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao emerged from the ruins of the Imperial Palace. He declared a ceasefire, however Davion fighters on New Syrtis never ceased their attacks as the Liao forces fought a fighting withdrawal from the planet.

Border raids by both sides continued until April 1st, when Duke George Hasek was assassinated. His successor, his sister Angela Hasek, declared the ceasefire official.

The fighting on New Syrtis claimed the 2nd St. Ives Lancers and Death Commandos 3rd Battalion as well as the defending New Syrtis CMM and 4th Donegal Guards.

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