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Turning Points

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Turning Points are a series of PDF-exclusive BattleTech scenario packs for the Chaos Campaign and Warchest systems. Contents typically include an overview of the conflict in question, maps and history of the planet(s) involved, commander and unit profiles, tracks/scenarios, suitable Random Assignment Tables, and record sheets for special or custom units.


The Turning Points concept was first used for the Jihad Turning Points series as the Jihad era timeline unfolded, covering pivotal military campaigns that were fought over key planets during the Jihad. The format proved so successful that the scope was expanded to Dark Age Turning Points and Historical Turning Points, covering similar campaigns in other eras than the Jihad, and Operational Turning Points, where the focus is not on a single world but on single notable military operations from various eras that took place across several worlds. Except for the Operational Turning Points, the Turning Points publications are named for the world on which they take place.

Starting with the publication of Turning Points: Irian, Catalyst Game Labs dropped the era reference in the product name, reducing the line to only Turning Points products (planet specific campaigns) and Operational Turning Points products (for campaigns across multiple planets).[1]

Turning Points products[edit]

Turning Points[edit]

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Dark Age Turning Points[edit]

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