Ordo Vigilis

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Previously known as the Directorate of Security, the Ordo Vigilis (Latin for Watchers) is the intelligence agency of the Marian Hegemony.

Divison Information
Ordo Vigilis Director:
Jaroslav Svoboda
Securitatis Internum:
(Internal Security)
Craig Adams
Section A monitors the activities of the established informer network. This network contains Informers (delatores) who gather information for reports. This reports were send to the planetary station chiefs. SI station chiefs assign agents to sources that are suspicious or when a case is not clear enough. They work with the local police forces to prevent civil unrest (spread of dissident movements). Operatives have lists with names of people for "protective custody" and provide evidence gathered by delatores at trials. Foreign visitor are watched closely.
Praesidii Praetoris:
(Palace Guard)
Prefect Niclas Wallin
Stands under control of the SI and all Guardsmen are members of I Legio. They undergo rigorous screening and must swear an oath to defend the Caesar at all costs.
Observationis Externum:
(External Surveillance)
Kevin Weekes
Section B handles all activities outside of the Marian Hegemony. OE field agents (delatores external) infiltrate other realms and gather information about local instability and create civil unrest if necessary. The Marian diplomatic corps and foreign populations contain sleepers for long range plans. In some cases they work together with the Word of Blake's ROM and provide information on foreign troop movements where possible.
Delatura Militaria:
(Military Intelligence)
Prefect Bret Hedican
They act as internal security and check the background of all Legionaires with access to sensitive information. Their chief responsibility are to gather information on enemy movements. On the other hand operatives run listening posts, monitor all radio communication and provide accurate information on all enemy operations within Marian borders. They have a special task as "political officers" to watch their comrades (and each other). At court-martials their testimony is considered invaluable.
Operationes Abscondites:
(Covert Operations)
Sean Hill
Their task includes: infiltration, assassination, extraction and sabotage. The 5-men teams are dropped behind enemy lines in wartimes. Their mission is to scout enemy positions and sow general chaos. Their HQ is located on Horatius which is also the base for the Cohors Morituri. Some members were pardoned and proved resourceful, quick studies.


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