Orestes Tomasevi

Orestes Tomasevi
Affiliation Rim Worlds Army

Character History[edit]

Orestes Tomasevi (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Rim Worlds Army during the Star League era. Tomasevi had reached the rank of Colonel and was the commanding officer of the 118th Amaris Dragoons when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS. Tomasevi and the 118th were given responsibility for capturing the Terran Hegemony world of Caph, beginning with occupying the Castles Brian and then securing the planetary HPG transmitter.[1]

Tomasevi's forces successfully occupied the various Castles Brian, but their efforts to capture the HPG were thwarted by elite SLDF Special Forces commandos who had deployed to Caph for training in early December 2766. This led to a day-long battle in New Brunnel, the capital city of Caph, and then an insurgency that saw the 118th and other Republican forces on Caph ambushed piecemeal while their bases were attacked repeatedly despite the planetary ruler, Duchess Micha Confalonieri, declaring the Republicans to be liberators and ordering the local citizenry not to resist.[1]

Tomasevi led the campaign to destroy the SLDF presence on Caph and declared the world to have been pacified in January 2767, despite the ongoing resistance; it was Tomasevi who ordered the destruction or deactivation of many of the barriers that formed the Large Fauna Containment Systems around settlements on Caph; by allowing the aggressive megafauna to move into regions that he believed the SLDF were hiding, Tomasevi intended to both limit the SLDF operations and punish the local population for sheltering his enemies.[1]


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