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Organizational Edict 3056

Organizational Edict 3056 was an act Raymond Karpov proposed to ComStar First Circuit during the Second Succession War.


The Edict called for an expansion of the Order's intelligence division ROM as well as increasing its scope from internal security to actively targeting and eliminating scientific and technical experts among the Inner Sphere Great Houses.[1]

Raymond Karpov changes were proving even more extreme than Toyama, and horrified two, members of the First Circuit resigned, but this just allowed Karpov to appoint more agreeable replacements.[2] Even Karpov's friend Michelle Dupreas also began to question his extremism when he proposed Organizational Edict 3056 in the summer of 2838. The edict called for a massive expansion of ROM to allow it to change its scope from internal security to targeting and preventing the Successor States efforts to maintain their level of technology.

While the horrors of the First and the ongoing Second Succession War had all but reduced the general level of technical knowledge in the Inner Sphere, as a firm believer in the Word of Blake and the prophecies of Conrad Toyama that the Great Houses would ultimately destroy themselves and the Blessed Order alone would survive, Karpov viewed any technological recovery as a dire threat to ComStar and easily persuaded the First Circuit of the need to take proactive action against it.

Dupreas however believed such blatant use of power was counter to Jerome Blake's desire to avoid interference with the affairs of the Inner Sphere and unsuccessfully appeared before the First Circuit to argue against it. When an enraged Karpov named her a heretic for her defiance, Dupreas tendered her resignation as Precentor ROM and ComStar as a whole, before dying under highly suspicious circumstances. Under her replacement Janice Laidlaw, a staunch supporter of Karpov's policies, the newly agreeable ROM launched what would later be called Operation Holy Shroud, a massive five-year effort to kill over 300 of the best scientific minds in the Inner Sphere.[3]


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