Oriente Hussars

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Oriente Hussars
Nickname By the Sword divided
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds League Military


The Oriente Hussars are the second brigade within the Duchy of Oriente military forces and are considered to be less prestigious than the Fusiliers of Oriente.


As the second Oriente brigade the Hussars were always considered to be worth less than the Fusiliers. Fielding a once impressive 11 regiments,[1] over time the formation was reduced in strength, down to a mere 5 regiments by the beginning of the thirty-first century. As the FWLM was unified and reformed in the thirty-first century things improved for the Hussars; following the Military Reform Act of 3046 the LCCC began to treat the Hussars and the Fusiliers more equally, assigning equipment and supplies in accordance with the demands placed upon the various units. Enough resources were assigned to the Hussars in 3058-3059 to allow for the Sixth regiment to be rebuilt, much to the anger of the Fusiliers. The various Hussar regiments are trained and equipped for defensive tactics and were generally not issued with the best equipment.[2] During many wars such as the Reunification War,[3] the Andurien Secession or Operation Guerrero only a single regiment from the Hussars would be assigned to the front lines, with the main body of the brigade being held in reserve.

By the Dark Age Era, the Fusiliers of Oriente had been reduced. This allowed the Oriente Hussars to step into the gap and start to shine. The average Free Worlds citizen saw the capabilities and competence of the Hussars, and their reputation improved. This carried over into their relationships with other League units, especially when those units discovered that the Oriente Hussars were still low on the Quartermaster's priority list and used older, less-efficient equipment.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Oriente Hussars
General Anatoli Gotch 3028[1]
General Calderon Benge [5]
General Chang Janewicz [2]
General Bruce Gierke 3050 - 3067[2][6]


Different per Unit.


All of the Hussars used Succession War era equipment until the late 3050s or early 3060s, when more advanced equipment began to be issued. The first regiment to benefit from this new equipment was the Sixth, and by 3059 the Sixth were still the only regiment to make extensive use of advanced equipment. The attached conventional units had a lesser priority for new technology but were due to undergo a rolling replacement program between 3059 and 3061.[2]

Units of the Oriente Hussars[edit]

At Dusk of the Star League Era in 2765, the Brigade had consisted of eleven Regiments, however it's numbers would fall during the onslaught of the Succession Wars Era.[7] By January 3059 the Hussars had been rebuilt to six regiments for the first time since the Marik Civil War forty years before.[2]


  • The Eighth Hussars was destroyed in Succession Wars, reconstituted in the Dark Age era.[8]
  • The Ninth Hussars was destroyed in Succession Wars.
  • The Tenth Hussars was destroyed in Succession Wars.
  • The Eleventh Hussars was destroyed in Succession Wars.
  • The Twelfth Hussars was newly activated in the Dark Age era.

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

Although the individual Hussar regiments use a range of different camouflage schemes, the most commonly favored is a two-tone green paint scheme for vehicles and 'Mechs, with the lighter of the two tons in use on the top parts of the equipment and the darker tone on the lower parts. The various units display the group insignia prominently; usually, this means that the brigade insignia can be found on the turret-front of armored vehicles and the upper torso of BattleMechs. The unit insignia replaces the Oriente crest on the right shoulder of the Hussars' dress uniform.[2]


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