Orloff Military Academy

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Orloff Military Academy
Orloff Military Academy Logo
Orloff Military Academy Logo
Academy Information
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

The Orloff Military Academy trains soldiers for the Free Worlds League.


The academy produces the finest graduates of the whole Free Worlds League. The age for entrance is early, at the age of twelve, and students receive intense conventional training until at the age of sixteen. Most cadets graduate within the next four years.[1]


Except for the members of the Orloff family, entrance is granted only through invitation. Few could refuse a place at this prestigious training academy. Only the most promising youngsters are selected as students.[1]

Basic Training[edit]

In the first four years they instill a sense of familiarity among the cadets. The daily life consists of physical training and drills. Cadets receive extensive instructions in hand-to-hand combat and wilderness survival techniques, in addition to the use of firearms and melee weapons.[1]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

The Academy offers only Mechwarrior training, but also provides advanced courses in leadership and strategy for the use in combined arms operations. The final exams are known as "El Diablo", an chaotic multi-regimental battle. In this scenario the cadet must lead an unit after the "death" of a senior officer. The pass mark is saving 25 percent of friendly forces, and any student that scores more than 50 percent graduates with honors.[1]


The excellent teacher-pupil-ratio (because of the small size of the academy) is good for the students. Much of the intensive training occours in the early years. The theory is put into practical experience within the final years. These circumstances will work for the students in their future careers.[1]


After their graduation, many cadets receive senior command posts and the strong esprit de corps, the cadets gained, mostly survives the academy-time. This leads to the so-called "Orloff Mafia", due to former cadets bearing the ceremonial dirk they received after their final tests. The new promoted lieutenants generally make the first tour of duty within the Orloff grenadiers.[1]


In 3015 students and equipment from the Orloff Military Academy were on Vanra, supporting the Sixth and 9th Marik Militia as well as the 1st Orloff Grenadiers. This trial by fire saw the OMA students fighting against elements of Wolf's Dragoons Alpha and Gamma Regiments and the 4th Regulan Hussars.[2]


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