Otto Idowu

Otto Idowu
Affiliation Rim Worlds Navy

Character History[edit]

Otto Idowu (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Rim Worlds Navy during the Star League era. Idowu had reached the rank of Admiral when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS on the 27th of December 2766. Following the failure of Republican General Viktoria Benboudaoud and her forces to secure the HPG, Castles Brian or the Space Defense System network on New Dallas, Idowu was assigned to pacify the world at the head of a thirty-strong flotilla of WarShips.[1]

Benboudaoud's efforts had failed in large part due to the inherent suspicion of the local population towards the Rim Worlds Republic forces assigned to the system, the active opposition of the Rim Worlds forces by Planetary Governor Titus Clay and Major General Carlos Kataga of the SLDF, and the fast, decisive manner in which local authorities and the military on New Dallas responded to those incidents intended to allow the Rim Worlds forces to entrench themselves on New Dallas and prepare for the beginning of APOTHEOSIS. This had led to the military forces on New Dallas defeating Benboudaoud's heavily-outnumbered forces and retaining control of much of the local SDS network; Republican Warship forces had secured both jump points and the SDS drones controlled from the stations there, but the eight-strong WarShip squadron which had been assigned to the New Dallas system had been destroyed in a six-hour battle with the New Dallas SDS network.[1]

After arriving in the New Dallas system on the 7th of January 2767 Idowu added the captured SDS drones to his own forces and travelled to New Dallas, arriving in orbit on the 14th. Idowu then engaged and destroyed the surviving SLDF SDS drones with his own forces before issuing a demand that Governor Clay and the defenders of New Dallas surrender to the rule of Emperor Stefan Amaris within twenty-four hours. Clay responded by ordering the New Dallas AeroSpace Fighter squadrons to attack Idowu's fleet, an action that bought New Dallas a few hours before the heavily outnumbered and outgunned squadrons were destroyed.[1]

Having secured control of the skies above New Dallas, Idowu proceeded to destroy organized military resistance on the planet by systematically bombarding every SLDF and militia base from orbit, a campaign of sustained orbital bombardment that lasted until the 31st of January, clearing the way for additional ground forces to land and secure the world.[1]


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