Outpost One

Outpost One is the name of a huge orbital space station located on the edge of the Circe system in Clan space.[1]


Outpost One is a large orbital space station made up of many linked modules and permanently mounted DropShips. Several decks are made from grav decks salvaged off of old JumpShips. Another part of Outpost One is made from a Recharge Station that was towed in slowly over time from the nadir jump point. Outpost One is located approximately 1.5 billion kilometers out from Circe's primary planet at about 32.5° off of the orbital plane.[1]


Second Exodus[edit]

In the wake of Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus, the people of the Pentagon Worlds were suddenly left to their own devices. War raged on the surface of each of the five planets, but high above them were many spacefaring people who held themselves aloof from the conflicts on the ground. These spacefarers grew their own food and traded with each other mostly, though on occasion they would trade with people on the surface, such as the people of Circe.

Soon after the Second Exodus, the spacefarers at Circe constructed a huge space station from modules and DropShips and even an entire recharge station. This station housed tens of thousands of people, even during Operation KLONDIKE.[1]

Operation KLONDIKE[edit]

When the time came for the return of the Clans to the Pentagon Worlds, Outpost One was a thriving space station and a hub of trade, at least among the spacefarers.

Operation KLONDIKE kicked off with a simultaneous assault on the space above each planet in the Pentagon Worlds. Clan Snow Raven naval elements led by Khan Stephen McKenna commanding the McKenna-class Battleship (His family namesake ship) James McKenna jumped into the Circe system and moved to secure the zenith jump point. After this was accomplished, they then jumped within range of Outpost One to quickly close on the space station. The space station was defended by two aging WarShips, a McKenna-class and a Sovetskii Soyuz-class Battle Cruiser. After these defenders were dispatched, a surprise greeted the Clan attackers as they closed in: A fully loaded Potemkin-class Transport Cruiser undocked from the space station with three other JumpShips and jumped out of Circe into the beyond.[1]

Though several more months would pass until the spacefarer rebels were rounded up in what came to be known as the Battle of the Pentagon Run,[2] the space station that they had built was already a possession of the Clans.

The Modern Clans[edit]

Today, Outpost One is the largest space station in all of Clan space. The Clans continually add to the gigantic structure and use it as a gateway for directing the flow of travel and goods. Ships coming in to the Pentagon Worlds must first stop here, and likewise, ships headed for the Kerensky Cluster must go through this gate before they can legally go on to their destinations.[1]


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