Outreach and Beyond

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Outreach and Beyond
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Bob Nicholls
Primary writing Bob Nicholls,
Paul Austin,
Christopher Hartford,
David McCulloch,
Mike Stackpole
Pages 48
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published 1991
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3052


Outreach And Beyond is a 48 page sourcebook published by MechForce UK in 1991. The book concerns itself primarily with the training methods and regimens undergone by the children of the leaders and future leaders of the Inner Sphere, by Wolf's Dragoons on Outreach, and also with the training by the Clans of Phelan Wolf (Kell), by Natasha Kerensky on Strana Mechty.


  • It's Snow Time
    • Night Combat Rules and Sensor Problems
  • Scenarios
    • Testing Time
    • Devils Domain
    • Time of Woe
    • Executioners Revenge
    • Wolf Trap (BattleTroops)
  • BattleMechs
    • Longbow - 8C; 0W
    • Daishi - Prometheus: Wolf's Dragoons Testing; Hihiro's: Lone Wolf
    • Centurion - Yeng Lo Wang 3027-50, 3051+
    • Wolfhound - Grinner
    • Daishi - Widowmaker
    • Gladiator - Executioner
  • BattleMech Record Sheets

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