Overlord C TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Matabushi Incorporated[1]

Various Clans

Production Year 2830[2]
Use 'Mech carrier
Type Spheroid
Tech Base Clan[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 11,600[4] tons
Structural Integrity 18
Length 101 meters
Width 101 meters
Height 139 meters
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Max Thrust 2.5 g
Fuel (tons) 360 tons
Fuel (days) 195.7 days
Armor 56.5 tons standard
Crew 43[3]
  • 8 Officers
  • 29 Enlisted
  • 6 Gunners

Bay Personnel: 90

Escape Pods/Life Boats 3/3
Heat Sinks 122 double
BV (1.0) 8,836[3][5]
Note: The mass of the Overlord-C was changed from originally 11,550 tons to 11,600 tons in the most recent publication detailing the vessel, Technical Readout: 3057 Revised.[4] The MUL entry confirms this.[2]


The Clan version of the Overlord is as impressive a DropShip within the Clans as the original is in the Inner Sphere. Capable of carrying an entire Cluster's worth of 'Mechs, the Overlord-C is one of the largest Mech carriers in existence. Originally intended as a "refit" of the Overlords that went with the Exodus fleet, the redesign quickly ended up as a new vessel, though one that closely resembles its progenitor.[3]

Twenty Overlords were to be found among the forces of Nicholas Kerensky during his Second Exodus. He ordered the modification of these vessels in line with his nascent Clans' organizational scheme, with each to carry 45 'Mechs. Modification of the class's interior was extensive and followed no standard: the loss of the fighter bays on most of the vessels belied the slapdash and individualized work done to each vessel begun in 2818, before the return to Pentagon Worlds and Operation KLONDIKE.[3]

The newly redesigned Overlord-C then began mass production in 2830. It is better armed and armored than its Inner Sphere predecessor, though the lack of fighter complement was standardized. The class still visually resembles the Inner Sphere's version, though is nearly 2,000 tons more massive. The elongated nose cone and lack of fighter doors are the only distinguishing features that an observant foe could notice.[3]


The armor of the Overlord-C is impressive, being nearly 50% better than the original design. Its weapon loadout is similar to the upgraded Overlords of the Clan Invasion era put out by the Inner Sphere's Shipil Company in 3056. A good long-range punch is provided by three ER Large Lasers, six ER PPCs, three Large Pulse Lasers, and three LRM-20s. At close range the ship is even deadlier, being able to bring to bear its twelve Medium Pulse Lasers, six Ultra AC-5s, and two Ultra AC-20s. It carries respectable amounts of ammunition for all its weapons, though it has some blind spots in its aft arc that require careful piloting by the ship's captain to prevent exploitation.[3]


Cargo (406.5 tons)
  • Bay 2: BattleMechs (15), 3 doors
Cargo (406 tons)
  • Bay 3: BattleMechs (15), 2 doors
Cargo (406 tons)

Named Vessels[edit]

See Category:Individual Overlord-C-class DropShips

Related DropShips[edit]

  • Overlord 
    The source for the Clan's Overlord-Cs, the original Overlord is the largest 'Mech carrier commonly available to the Inner Sphere, and often found at the heart of battalion-level warfare.



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