Overlord Stables

Overlord Stables
Colors/Badge green and gold; two gold acorns above a gold cauldron, against a green field
Stable Profile
Experience Regular[citation needed]
Elite (3067)
Rating AA (3051)
D[citation needed]
AA (3067)
Faction Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Units Used
BattleMechs 30 (3051 and 3054)
35 (3067)


Overlord Stables is considered one of the most honest stables in Solaris, with a reputation for fairness and excellent working conditions.[1] The Stable is based in Silesia.[2]


The Stable was formed in 3001.[2]

The Stable was considered one of the fairness, and was the employer of choice among Silesia's finest MechWarriors. The Stables' star was rising in the 3050s but by the time of the Solaris Riots on 3062 they have trouble fielding a top contender. With the death of Craig Orme, things went to worse, and though some contenders have show promise lately (most of them veterans of the Stables alliance with the Skye Tigers Stables during the Riots), but it is yet to be seen if they can at least match Orme's success.[3]

Stablemaster and Owner[edit]

  • Rhianna Murray is regarded as a fair businesswoman with huge experience in selecting skilled MechWarriors.[1] 53 on 3067 is known for her skill to detect deception. She asks and gives the very best to her MechWarriors.[3]

Notable Personnel[edit]

Master Technician[edit]

  • Albert Grimes is the Senior Tech who loves his work. His skills and experience are great advantages for this stable.[1]


In 3051 26 MechWarriors were fighting for Overlord Stables.[1]

In 3067 31 MechWarriors were fighting for Overlord Stables.[3]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Jarman Bauer Civil War [4]
Kyle DePaik Dark Age [5]
Roberta Kinnison Civil War [6]
Craig Orme Clan Invasion
Civil War
Tom Payne Civil War [7]
Augr Steinhammar Dark Age [8]
Adam Wiley Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Class Three Champion for two running years
Ranked 13th in the Solaris Top Twenty

Tactics and Style[edit]

They are expert in built-in environments like The Jungle and Ishiyama and have most of them developed a tactic called shooting from the hip which they use to deliver lethal volume of damage almost at point-blank range in those confined spaces.[3]


Clio Lane is the stable's facility for training cycles located near the city of Aerlan. Most of the maintenance facility is located underground, which includes also MechWarrior facilities and arenas to train in mock battles.[1]


In 3051 the Stable has a 20% cut of winning gained by its MechWarriors. The MechWarriors receive a 1.000 C-Bill salary a month.[9]

In 3067 the Stable has a 20% cut of winning gained by its MechWarriors. The MechWarriors receive a 1.600 C-Bill salary a month.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable as of 3067 has access to A Rated Equipment.

Overlord MechWarriors receive a -1 to-hit modified for weapons attack at short range, while they suffer an additional +1 to-hit penalty for for long range attacks.

When fighting in The Factory, Hartford Gardens, Ishiyama, The Jungle or The Scrapyard, Overlord MechWarriors receive a +1 Initiative bonus.[10]


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