Owen Kamrada

Owen Kamrada
Character Profile
Also known as Joe Bob
Affiliation Stotzing
Profession MechWarrior

Owen Kamrada was a member of the Stotzing Militia.[1]


Born on Stotzing, he never stood out to his classmates or comrades. His attitude made him blend, and gave him the opportunity to learn from and observe people very closely. Since joining the Militia Owen has used those skills to become a valued, and definitely not bland, member of the Militia.[1]

He participated in the 8th of April 3087 raid to an archeological dig on Stotzing, who deployed from a Colossus-class DropShip. The 1st Marik Protectors that were training the militia when Stotzing was raided by the Green Ghosts, who were after an old dig site of the original planet. The Stotzing Militia and the 1st Marik Protectors moved to defend the site.[2] After raiding the archeological site the Green Ghosts began their retreat to their DropShip. The Marik forces were bound and determined to not allow them to successfully escape. Near the Green Ghost landing zone the forces came together for their final clash.[3]


Game Rules[edit]

At the start of a turn, he selects a hex by secretly telling the GM. Owen then receives a –2 (like pulse lasers) to any target number against any unit ending its movement in that hex.[1]


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