PC Gamer Magazine

'PC Gamer Magazine is an American magazine, dedicated to PC Games.

Once during their lifetime they had a collaboration with Wizkids to enhance one of the MechWarrior: Dark Ages packs: MechWarrior: Liao Incursion.

PC Gamer would also feature Piranha Games Inc.'s MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior 5 games with cover stories devoted to both.

PP295 - PC Gamer Magazine with MW: Liao Incursion LE figure offer[edit]

Cover Price: $4.99 US / $5.99 Canada (w/o CD) $7.99 US / $9.99 Canada (w/ CD) Expected Release: August 2003 (September Cover)

Each issue featured a 2-page spread containing the figure offer details and ordering information for the Gregory "The Vede" Vederman Mad Cat II. This special LE figure was not be available anywhere else.

Issue #233 December 2012, released October 9, 2012[edit]

MechWarrior Online was the cover story of physical/digital issue #233 , outlining development of the game up to that point, with two separate covers - one featuring an Awesome the other a Centurion. Both the physical and digital magazine included redeem codes which provided Closed Beta access to game, as well as a cockpit item of PC Gamer mascot Coconut Monkey, three exclusive paint colors and exclusive PC Gamer patterns for the 'Mechs released at that time (Commando, Jenner, Hunchback, Centurion, Catapult, Dragon, Awesome and Atlas).

Issue #297 November 2017[edit]

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was the cover story of physical/digital issue #297.