CCU-36 Pacifier
Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Weapons[1][2]
Use SecurityMech
Class Light
Introduced 3031[3]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 30 tons
Chassis Alshain Type 40-30L[2]
Armor Industrial armor
Engine Hermes 90 Fuel Cell[2]
Heat Sinks 3[2]
Speed 32 km/h

1 x LRM-5
1 x SRM-2
2 x Machine Guns
2 x Sprayers[2]

BV (2.0) 299[4]

As of December 3070 (and still by August 3084),[5] the Pacifier is considered one of the most well-known SecurityMech designs, named alongside the likes of the Copper, Guard and Inqisitor.[1]


Invented in 3031[3] (after the Draconis Combine previously employed quadruped Guard SecurityMechs of Capellan manufacture[6]), the Pacifier is built by Alshain Weapons for civilian authorities.

The Pacifier was an unpopular design because Alshain Weapons didn't employ quality control and the 'Mech lacks an ejection seat. As a result most of these 'Mechs were left to the lowest dregs of planetary militias. During the Clan Invasion and Jihad Pacifier pilots fought against the attackers and this led to a re-evaluation of the 'Mech.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Intended to serve as a civilian tool the Pacifier is capable of both combat and non-combat duties. The LRM in the left torso and SRM in the right torso can be used to fire tear gas rounds as well as explosives. Each arm carries a Machine Gun and Fluid Sprayer; Both of these can be used to disperse rioters, but the Fluid Sprayers can also be used to fight fires.

Both of the missile launchers are provided one ton of ammunition. The sprayers each have a half ton of storage available so the left arm could carry water while the right could carry fire retardant foam. Finally the machine guns share a half ton of ammunition.


  • CCU - 40 
    Developed in the 3080s, this upgraded version is protected by Heavy Industrial Armor instead of Industrial Armor. Pilots can finally leave a doomed Pacifier by using the Ejection Seat. In addition the weapons loadout has been redesigned with only the sprayers remaining. The two machine guns have been replaced with Light Machine Guns and the LRM and SRM launchers in the side torsos have been replaced with an MML-3 to launch six missiles. Two tons of ammunition are provided to these launchers. BV (2.0) = 356[7]


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