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Clan Ice Hellion[edit]

As of 3059 the York-class destroyer Pack Leader was a WarShip within the Clan Ice Hellion touman in the Alpha Naval Star and was serving as the CIH Pack Leader.[1]

When the Ice Hellions launched their invasion of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in the Inner Sphere in mid-3071 the Pack Leader was one of the WarShips deployed. One of the first actions conducted by all thirteen Ice Hellion WarShips including the Pack Leader was to secure the Dark Nebula, destroying the small Jade Falcon naval force there and securing the largely-abandoned facility. As a part of the Ice Hellions Alpha Galaxy Naval Star the Pack Leader was then involved in the fleet action at Derf that saw the vast orbital supply station there destroyed thanks to a ferocious but ultimately unsuccessful defense by forces from Clan Jade Falcon's Mu Galaxy.[2]

The Pack Leader played an increasingly important part as both the Jade Falcons and Clan Hell's Horses began to work together against the Ice Hellions in 3072; with the Ice Hellion forces driven back to three primary locations - the Dark Nebula, Evciler and Vantaa - the Pack Leader found it and the other ships within the Alpha Galaxy Naval Star at Vantaa, facing off forces from both the Jade Falcon Alpha and Gamma Galaxies, soon joined by the Hell's Horses Iota Galaxy, which added the Volga-class transport CHH Mount Olympus to the Falcon's naval strength. The subsequent assault saw the Mount Olympus suffer heavy damage, but not before taking the Pack Leader out of the fight at least temporarily.[3]

Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

Following the battle at Vantaa the Pack Leader was claimed as isorla by the Hell's Horses,[4] who renamed the ship Stampede.[5]

In the aftermath of the Jihad Clan Wolf began a series of strikes against the Hell's Horses territory in the Inner Sphere, and in January 3081 the Stampede and the Congress-class frigate CHH Bucephalus were involved in the defense of Kirchbach in the face of a determined Trial of Possession from the Wolves' Gamma and Kappa Galaxies escorted by the CWS Rogue, another Congress-class frigate. The Wolf forces were overconfident, underestimating the Hell's Horses strength in the system, and the Stampede and the Bucephalus proceeded to inflict substantial damage on the Rogue; Kappa Galaxy then lost almost half its strength on the approach to the planet as the DropShips were torn apart on approach. The attack was ultimately unsuccessful, with both Wolf Galaxies outfought on the ground and forced to surrender.[5]

The Stampede was still in service in 3145.[6]


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