Padraig O Bhaoil

Padraig O Bhaoil
Padraig O Bhaoil
Born3002 [1][2][3]
Position(s)Director of the Explorer Service

Padraig O Bhaoil was the Director of Explorer Corps after the Clan Invasion.


Early Life and Career[edit]

The child of JumpShip officers, Padraig O Bhaoil was born on Arc-Royal but joined ComStar when his parents' JumpShip the Eala was lost with all hands. Having spent a fair portion of his childhood in space, he joined the Order's JumpShip corps and quickly rose through the ranks. He attained command of the Magellan-class ECV Free Spirit in 3041. As a JumpShip commander, O Bhaoil amassed a reputation as a fair but stern captain, loyal to his crew but devoted to the mission as well. In 3048, when he took the Free Spirit on an extended mission into the Periphery as part of the Explorer Corps, he was considered one of the Corps most senior captains.[1] [2] [3]

Upon his ship's return to the Inner Sphere he was pressed into service ferrying Com Guards from across the Inner Sphere for the grand battle at Tukayyid. The Free Spirit was one of the many ComStar JumpShips that remained at the system’s nadir point, ready to evacuate the wounded or carry word of the battle’s outcome to the rest of the Inner Sphere. His witnessing of the horrific fighting changed O Bhaoil, and when Primus Sharilar Mori offered him the position of Director of the Explorer Corps in 3053 he accepted. He was no longer content to roam the stars and felt duty-bound to help defeat the Clans.[1] [2] [3]

As DES (Director of the Explorer Corps), O Bhaoil oversaw the largest shift of the Corps' focus in its history. After partnering with the Draconis Combine Admiralty, the first priority of the Corps became locating the Clan Homeworlds. Because the Outbound Light, the Explorer Corps vessel that happened upon Huntress in 3048, had not filed a planned flight path there was no way to retrace its steps. Determined to get closer, he moved the headquarters of the Corps into the Deep Periphery at the recovered Columbus facility. When a Smoke Jaguar traitor brought back the path of the Exodus Road, the Corps' budget was drastically cut, but it was soon refocused as the primary link between the reborn Star League's enclave on Huntress and the Inner Sphere. [1] [2] [3]

Reaching the rank of Precentor XXIV in 3067, immediately prior to the Jihad, O Bhaoil passed on communications detailing a worrying military buildup in the Homeworlds to Precentor ROM Victoria Parrdeau.[4]



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