Paid in Blood

Paid in Blood
Product information
Type Novel
Author Michael J. Ciaravella
Pages 219
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 1 April 2021
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 4 December - 27 December 3150
Series The Highlander Covenant
Preceded by Grey Watch Protocol

Paid in Blood, by Michael J. Ciaravella, is the second novel in the Highlander Covenant series about the Northwind Highlanders during the end of the Dark Age era.

Plot Summary[edit]


On the besieged planet of Northwind, the Highlanders are fighting a tenacious invading force from the Capellan Confederation, led by a regiment from the legendary McCarron's Armored Cavalry, with support from Warrior House Imarra.

The first round went to the Capellans, who seized the city of Tara and the invaluable HPG located within it. But their position is precarious with the revelation of the Grey Watch, a legendary Highlanders fighting force that revealed itself when Northwind was in danger of falling, and turned what could have been an all out Capellan victory into an uneasy stalemate.

The arrival of a Draconis Combine fleet, recent allies of the Confederation, shifts the balance even further. Will the reinforced Capellan force finally bring Northwind back under the rule of the Celestial Throne, or will Countess Tara Campbell, Captain Declan Casey, and Knight of the Republic Maeve Stirling find a way to lead the embattled Highlanders to victory?

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