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Pain Shunt


A Pain Shunt was less of an implant and more a surgical procedure employed by the Manei Domini which allowed a person to ignore pain, whether from an injury sustained or the chronic headaches caused by their other implants, by bypassing the pain centers of the brain. While making the operative largely incapable of feeling agony, it also caused clumsiness due to the deadening of the user's tactile senses. Operatives who undergo this procedure take a whole year to relearn how to manipulate objects without accidentally breaking them, but are much harder to effectively stun or put down afterwards. Manei Domini agents of any rank could undergo the pain shunt procedure once.[1]



In CBT play, when given the Pain Shunt MechWarriors, aerospace pilots and crew members of vehicles also equipped with VDNI ignore any pilot damage from ammo explosions, heat effects or VDNI feedback from internal structure/critical damage; other damage applies normally but requires no Consciousness Roll. Otherwise, vehicle crews can ignore one Driver Hit, Commander Hit, Crew Killed or Crew Stunned effect without effect. Battle armor and conventional infantry reduce by half any damage caused by flame-based weapons.[1]


In RPG play, an operative with the Pain Shunt implant receives the Pain Resistance Trait for free along with the Clumsy Trait for one year. A Pain Shut also causes any Fatigue points suffered to be multiplied by .5 with no rounding. If a character already has the Pain Resistance Trait, all Stun effects may be ignored and the TN modifiers caused by wounds are reduced by 3 instead of 1.[1]


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