Paladin Defense System

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Paladin Defense System
Production information
Manufacturer Kallon Weapon Industries
Production Year 3109[1]
Mission Long-Range Artillery Fire-Support
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 130 Tons
Armor Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-Fibrous with CASE
Engine Nissan 260 XL
Speed 32 km/h
Communications System JoLex Systems
Targeting Tracking System Omicron XII
Heat Sinks 10
BV (2.0) 1,624[2][3]


The Paladin Defense System is a thirty-second century super-heavy combat vehicle first produced for the Federated Suns. Built from plans captured during the Victoria War in 3105[4] with the Confederation, the Paladin is a strategic combat vehicle used for long-range fire support. While it wasn't usually assigned to the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns' fast moving frontline regimental combat units, the vehicle would become the backbone for the FedSun's planetary militias. Once exclusive to the Federated Suns and its allies, many of its numbers would fall into the hands of both the Capellan Confederation and Draconis Combine during their invasion of the FedSuns in the mid-3140s.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Not entirely a swift vehicle, the Paladin's 260-rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine would be sufficient to propel the vehicle's bulk across tough terrain. Its hull is protected by 11.5 tons of Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor and uses CASE to protect its crew and vehicle itself from critical damage.

Using its 1-ton worth of Communication Equipment, the Paladin can coordinate with spotters to bring its two turreted Kallon Weapon Industries Vicar Long Tom Artillery Pieces to bear on its unit’s targets in the distant battlefield. The Paladin's two big guns draws from 60 rounds, which are located in its ammunition bay in the hull. This six-ton bay capacity is viewed to be insufficient for long battles, so it is typical for the vehicle to tow its own ammunition trailers using its Trailer Hitch.

The Paladin's self-defense weaponry includes a pair of front-mounted Diverse Optics Extended Range Medium Lasers and Mydron Miniguns.[6]


The Paladin Defense System appeared game wise as part of WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its Falcon Prey expansion set. It was later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined once the company advanced the game's timeline to 3145.


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