The Pan-Humanists are a philosophical movement recently begun in the Periphery. Founded on the Outworlds Alliance planet Ramora by Herodias Ap Gwynn in the late thirtieth-century, the Pan-Humanists believe that all humanity shares a common path, future and goals. Though Pan-Humanists may not be able to adequately interpret the path, they choose the obvious course of action to improve all mankind, which is to act as conciliators, diplomats and teachers.

The Pan-Humanists work throughout the Human Sphere to reconcile political, social and military disputes through education and diplomacy. Ironically enough, the philosophy of the Pan-Humanists is most akin to the surface intent of the Star League. In stark contrast to the Star League, the work of the Pan-Humanists has not harmed those it ostensibly endeavors to help.[1]


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