Production information
Manufacturer Kali Yama Weapons Industries
Production Year 3078[1]
Model LFA-1X
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 75 tons
Chassis Composite Structure
Armor Standard
Engine 300 rating Fusion Engine
Speed 60 km/h

3x ELRM-10s
1x ER Medium Laser

BV (2.0) 1,589[2]


A "light field artillery, experimental" BattleMech, the Pandarus, named for a famous archer from the mythical battle of Troy on ancient Terra, is an Extended LRM Missile boat.

Originally a Kali Yama design team proposal for a "Missile boat" OmniMech capable of carrying both common and Experimental Technology missile systems, ultimately the high cost of building all new design with all new omni-pods proved too high, with the design team forced to scale back their project to a non-Omni ELRM equipped prototype built on a mothballed Orion chassis. [2]

Mounting a standard 300 rated Fusion Engine clad in thirteen tons of stock armor plating, lack of access to the desired weight saving Endo Steel for the 'Mech's frame forced the design team to painstakingly rebuild the ON1-K's GM Marauder chassis with fragile Composite Structure instead. Ten Double Heat Sinks and the addition of CASE II in each torso ammo bin provided notable durability. [2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Intended as a showcase for extended range LRM launchers, the Pandarus mounted an ELRM-10 in each side torso and its left arm, carrying a combined six tons of reloads for them. A single ER Medium Laser carried in its right arm was intended to offer some limited defense against foes who got within the ELRM's minimum effective range. [2]


  • LFA-1A 
    The production version of the Pandarus replaces the fragile Composite internal structure with an Endo Steel skeleton. Aside from that difference, it is identical to the LFA-1X. BV (2.0) = 1,589[3][4]
  • LFA-2OX 
    The original OmniMech design, the success of LFA-1X was impressive enough that a prototype of LFA-20X version was reconsidered [2] but was ultimately shelved when outside investment could not be secured.[3]

Design Quirks[edit]

The LFA-1A Pandarus variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:[3]


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