Patterson Hampton

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Patterson Hampton
Also known as "Ton"
Affiliation Hampton's Hessens
Rank General
Profession MechWarrior


Patterson Hampton was the commanding officer of the Hampton's Hessens in 3025, directing the unit from then 2nd New Hessen Irregulars by 3067.[1]

During the Jihad, the 1st New Hessen Irregulars accepted a garrison contract on Thorin from the Lyran Alliance. However the Word of Blake destroyed the unit with a surprise attack that consisted of tactical nuclear weapons. In response, Pat Hampton, commander of the Second New Hessen Irregulars, recalled all Hessens to Galatea to return home to New Hessen. Along the way they picked up civilians and smaller mercenary units that wanted to leave Galatea. The Hessens arranged a transit system where half the fleet would jump to a new location, then return and pick up the other half. They traveled this way for several months, eventually returning to New Hessen. Discovering that world was secure they then conducted a raid on New Canton, where the Hessens had been forced to leave behind several companies of troops and civilians. The raid was a success, and the Word of Blake lost the prisoners.[2]

He led Hampton's Hessens mercenary unit in the unsuccessfully raid on Berenson for the desperately needed food and supplies in late August 3069. Unable to reach the supply depots they were after, as the Hessens withdrew they stumbled upon on a cluster of the prisons that housed the dissidents, fully packed and ready for execution. Not willing to leave them to die, the Hessens broke them out and loaded in their empty cargo vehicles. Unfortunately the Hessens found their escape route cut off by two Level IIIs commanded by Precentor David Hunter. But when his superiors ordered him to wipe out both the mercenaries and civilians, several members of Hunter's command who knew he was dismayed with government's extremist methods privately pleaded with him not to follow the orders, thus forming the Heart of Blake.[3]

He contracted Cumberland's Missiliers to garrison New Hessen when elements of the elements of the Word of Blake Militia's Thirty-third Division raided the planet. The Missiliers moved to stop them with help from the base security from New Hessen WorkMechs. Then the WoB showed his cards, when additional elements of the WoB Division and some planet sympathizers sneaked past the battle lines to stole two full DropShips and making off with a company of Rooks and tons of supplies that would end up helping the guerrillas to keep fighing the legitimate authorities.[4]

After that, General Pat Hampton extended the unit's contract for the next few months, offering fair terms and even some of the RetroTech 'Mechs the planet was building.[4]

By 3080, Abigail von Patten, a member of the media community on the world of New Hessen, commented on the strange push for independence on New Hessen led by General Pat Hampton in the wake of the Jihad. Von Patten produced an editorial for the 26th November 3080 edition of This Week on New Hessen on that very theme, speculating that perhaps General Hampton saw something in the Republic of the Sphere that others didn't, or that perhaps Hampton's apparently critical stance regarding the nascent republic was instead an attempt to secure more power for himself.[5]


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