Patrik Fetladral

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Patrik Fetladral
Character Profile
Born 3094[1]
Died 3146[2]
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Rank Khan
Profession Elemental

Patrik Fetladral was an Elemental that achieved the rank of Khan of Clan Wolf-in-Exile during the Dark Age era.


Early life[edit]

Decanted on Kandersteg, while growing up in his sibko he drove himself to excellence to live up to the example set down from Evantha Fetladral. Even though he was not a direct descendant of her, it did not stop from inspiring him to do his best.[1]

When he took part in his Trial of Position, Patrik was able to accomplish enough kills to enter the Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman as a Star Commander. In the span of seven years he was able to rise to the rank of Galaxy Commander. Shortly after, he attained his Bloodname, became an aide to Khan Josip Rhyde, elected saKhan, and then finally to the rank of Khan. He was able to accomplish all this by the age of 31.[1]


Patrick fielded the proposal from Archon Melissa Steiner to mediate a deal with Clan Wolf. The deal consisted of having the Wolves partake in the invasion with the Lyran Commonwealth of the fractured Free Worlds League and carve out a new nation. The Exiled Wolves continued to be the go-betweens during Operation HAMMERFALL.[1]

When Clan Wolf turned on the Lyrans, Patrik and his Wolves showed their position by fighting against their distant cousins. Patrik's troubles did not ease from there, he had to lead the defense of the Commonwealth against their longtime enemy, Clan Jade Falcon.[1]


After years of fighting the Falcons along the border, Malvina Hazen decided to move in-force against Arc-Royal. Enraged by an attack by a Star of Falcon Elementals on the Wolf sibkos, which resulted in the deaths of five full sibkos, Fetladral challenged his Falcon counterpart to one-on-one combat. Hazen responded by ordering her command Star to concentrate their fire on the Wolf Khan, killing him.[2]


Fetladral's death enraged the Wolves, but his second-in-command and new Khan, Miriam Shaw, did not allow their troops to go on a rampage to avenge him. Putting her Clan's survival above revenge, she ordered the retreat, and at the cost of the 1st Wolf Legion Cluster they managed to escape. They were able to evacuate all the Clan's mobile assets, genetic samples, sibko cadets, and even the Kell Hounds dependents, relocating to the planet Donegal. Despite the devastating losses and death of their leader, Clan Wolf-in-Exile was not finished and refused an offer from Wolf Khan Alaric Ward to reunify the two Clans. By 3149 they managed to recover the planets Upano and Incukalns from the Falcons.[3]


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