Paul Davion (29th c.)

See also: Paul Davion (24th c.), the fifth President of the Federated Suns, during the twenty-fourth century.
Paul Davion
Paul Davion
Born12 September 2778[1][2]
Died4 July 2842[1][2]
AffiliationHouse Davion
Title(s)First Prince
Duke of New Avalon
ParentsJoshua Davion (father)[1]
Mary Halder-Davion (mother)[1]
SiblingsPeter Davion[1]
SpouseElise Stuart[1]
ChildrenMichael Davion[1]

Paul Davion II [3] was the elder son of Joshua Davion by his marriage to Mary Halder-Davion. Considered one of the great First Princes, he governed during the resurgence of the Federated Suns in the latter half of the First Succession War


Paul Davion was only nineteen when his father and grandfather (John Davion) were assassinated, during the height of the First Succession War. After ten years of war the AFFS had been driven back almost to New Avalon. Only a pause in operations earlier in the year to resupply and to clean up pockets of resistance stopped the DCMS juggernaut - a decision that was closely followed by the death of Coordinator Minoru Kurita and the subsequent Kentares Massacre.[4]

John Davion had been preparing a counterstrike using Kentares as a rallying cry for his nation but his death left this operation in chaos. His grandson responded by retroactively approving spontaneous attacks by soldiers outraged by the Massacre, and throwing his scant resources into supporting those attacks that succeeded. DCMS morale crumbled, leading to tactical, if not strategic victories and further stalling the advance. This bought Paul the time he needed to rally the Federated Suns behind him.[4]

Paul made a number of reforms to the Federated Suns, centralizing authority under himself by assuming the title Duke of New Avalon, previously a courtesy title held by the heir of the First Lord of the Star League that had accumulated over time the power to summon or dismiss the High Council, to award titles and ownership of several young colonies that were in some cases now self-sufficient and ready for full membership in the Federated Suns. With this new authority, Paul became a literal feudal lord, awarding titles and riches upon his followers. He also founded the Ministry of Intelligence Investigations and Operations to replace the discredited previous Military Intelligence organization.[5]

Between 2801 and 2808, a period known in the Federated Suns as the Reformation, Paul led an offensive that drove the Draconis Combine entirely out of the Crucis March, restoring confidence in House Davion. In addition, Chancellor Ilsa Liao of the Capellan Confederation made a seemingly generous and very public proposal to recognize Paul as First Lord of the Star League in return for ceding all claim to the disputed Chesterton worlds, the Confederation having profited from the Suns' former weakness to retake the majority of them in the years prior. With the title of First Lord all but meaningless by this point, Paul not only declined but controversially also ordered two of the most rabidly anti-Capellan regiments of the Crucis Lancers to counterattack, having the side effect of reenergizing the Capellan March defenders and retaking all the Suns worlds House Liao had captured over the past decade.[5][6][7]

More than ten years later, when the First Succession War came to an end, Paul had successfully led the now exhausted Federated Suns to reclaim almost all that had been lost - at least in terms of territory. Economically the state was a wreck, having suffered crippling damage to its industries and tax base. As part of his efforts to rebuild his nation, Paul entered into secret talks with Ilsa Liao for the return of thousands of captive AFFS soldiers. In retaliation for Paul's callous response to her peace proposal, the Chancellor set a exceedingly high price upon the soldiers, Paul only caving when she placed all the POWs on trial and publicly executed twenty senior officers including a Marshal and two Generals on Christmas Day 2822, shipping thousands of tons of valuable matériel and Capellan POWs to the Confederation in return for his troops.[6][7][8]

After the Chain Gang Missions, Paul exploded a popular love story between two kuritan captives, Jur Stuslaugron and Katrina Reban. After freeing them and giving the Davion citizenship, both serve in the AFFS.[9][10][11]

Only a few years later, the ongoing border skirmishes, which had hardly stopped to mark the resumption of peace, became so heavy that all-out war resumed, marking the start of the Second Succession War. With the Draconis Combine still recovering and mostly focused upon the Lyran Commonwealth, Paul was able to respond with overwhelming force to a Capellan offensive led personally by Ilsa Liao, who was killed in a rearguard action on Orbisonia.[7][12][13][7][14] During the course of a full scale offensive of his own, Paul appointed Colonel Damien Hasek as Duke of New Syrtis, raising up a dynasty that would centuries later challenge his own.

The offensive against House Liao eventually bogged down into unsuccessful attempts to seize Tikonov, with which world Paul appeared obsessed. Instead, he was actually contemplating an attack upon the Draconis Combine. In 2840 he responded to an attack on Robinson by shifting reinforcements and reserves from the Capellan March to launch a two pronged attack on the Combine late the following year. The successful attacks were the last victories for Paul, who died of a heart attack on 4 July 2842 while studying reports from the front late one night.


Paul's younger brother, Marshal Peter Davion was an extremely effective commander for Paul and later led the entire AFFS on behalf of Michael Davion. His predecessor, Thomas Halder-Davion was a maternal relative of Paul's.

Paul Davion married Elise Stuart and had one son, Michael. Elise's brother, Lord William Stuart was one of Paul's chief lieutenants.


In times like these, it is the ruler's duty to look after his people. Power for power's sake is hardly worth seeking, but power to save this realm is something I must have and something I will have.
  — Prince Paul Davion, in a speech before the High Council, 2800[15]
Doesn't the fact that we stand on the brink of extermination make you think that perhaps we were doing things wrong?
  — Prince Paul, to member of the High Council, quoted in Political Memoirs, by Duke Gregory Simons, NAIS Press, New Avalon, 2999[16]
Why should we be so amazed and honored because Dame Ilsa Liao wants to make a deal that would recognize me as First Lord? The truth is self-evident and shouldn't have to be bargained for.
  — Prince Paul's remarks concerning Chancellor Liao's offer to recognize him as First Lord, in exchange for certain worlds, quoted from Political Memoirs, by Duke Gregory Simons, Toledo Press, New Avalon, 2999[17]
Of course, I'm sick of all this fighting, but if I claim that I'm not going to fight anymore because I'm tired and worn out, what would stop my subjects from doing the same? It would be great if everyone on all sides could say that they were sick and tired of the war and were going to quit, but I doubt if Coordinator Kurita and Chancellor Liao will call the war on account of exhaustion.
  — Prince Paul Davion, 2842[18]


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