Paul Fokker

Paul Fokker
Paul Fokker
Character Profile
Title(s) Solaris Grand Champion
Profession Arena Gladiator
Children A spate of paternity suits were raised during his career.

Paul Fokker was the 2870 through 2874 Solaris VII Grand Champion.[1]


Paul Fokker was considered the best Solaris Games MechWarrior until the meteoric rise of Gray Noton. He piloted his 'Mech to no less that five consecutive championships before retiring undefeated in 2874.[2]


Paul Fokker was a consummate MechWarrior, equally good at the controls of a spindly Locust as the ones of his Stalker. Instructors leading military academies throughout the Inner Sphere studied his combat techniques, with the result of many modern 'Mech tactics being direct descendants of his innovations.[2]


He piloted a Stalker during his five years as Champion.


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