Paul Marik (31st c.)

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At age of 28
Paul Marik II
Character Profile
Born 2997
Affiliation House Marik-Stewart
Word of Blake
Position Minister of Intelligence
Profession Noble
Parents Janos Marik (father),
Ana Stewart (mother)
Siblings Martin
Thomas (half-brother)
Children Corinne Marik

Paul Marik II, a half-brother of the Thomas Marik, staged the coup to remove the "false" Thomas Marik from the Captain-Generalcy of the Free Worlds League in 3069.


Early Life[edit]

Born on Stewart, Paul was the eldest of the three children born by Janos Marik´s second wife, Ana. While lacking the intellectual aptitude of his half-brother Thomas, the pair shared a common bond and interest in science from their youth on Marik which survived Thomas' entry into ComStar. Initially lacking any political aspiration, Paul served as a minor functionary in the computer section of the League's Ministry of Intelligence.[1]

Later Life[edit]

Paul Marik rose through the ranks of SAFE to become the Minister of Intelligence, reporting directly to Captain-General Thomas Marik. In October of 3068, the Word of Blake informed the citizens of the Free Worlds League that their Captain-General was in fact, an impostor from ComStar, thus beginning the civil war that would ultimately cause the Free Worlds League to tear itself apart, as part of the plan for the Blakists to take over the League.

Paul was so disturbed by the revelation that his brother, Thomas Marik, had been replaced by a ComStar puppet, that Paul defected and joined the Word of Blake. Paul was contacted by "The Master", who revealed himself to be the "true" Thomas Marik to Paul, who was overjoyed to see his brother alive and well; Paul then swore his loyalty to the Master. The brothers agreed that the "false" Thomas Marik had become a liability to the Free Worlds League, and had to be replaced with a "true" Marik, namely Paul's daughter Corinne Marik, as Captain-General (under Blakist control, of course). The Master ordered Paul to overthrow the "false" Thomas Marik and his advisers in a coup, and deport "Thomas" and his family to Mars so that the Master could personally see to it that his body double was properly "taken care of". First of all though, Paul, in his official capacity as Minister of Intelligence, made it publicly known that he was supporting the ersatz "Captain-General", in order to throw off any suspicion that he was now a secret Blakist agent.

On August 9, 3069, Paul dutifully carried out his orders, assisted by the Chief Armorer, Admiral Adam Tam, who was a Blakist sympathizer. Admiral Heather Alexander and General Cassandra Blake resisted the coup and were immediately executed by Blake Militia on Paul's orders. Paul then ordered his Blake Militia soldiers to escort the "Captain-General", his wife Sherryl and his three children, Janos, Christopher and Jessica, towards a waiting Blakist transport that would take them to Mars; Paul then left to oversee the rest of the coup's efforts. Thomas, aided by Paul's own daughter Corinne, who had turned against her father and refused to assist the Blakists, managed to stage a partially successful escape for Thomas's family but only at a high price: both of the Captain-General's sons were killed, but Thomas and his daughter Jessica managed to get away, while his wife Sherryl was badly injured but taken care of by Corinne.[2]

Paul Marik was later seen in public on August 10, 3069, at the swearing-in ceremony of Corinne Marik, as the Free Worlds League's 51st Captain-General.


"Thomas Marik": "One day you’ll see the truth, Paul. One day you’ll realize that rather than helping the people, you’ve destroyed the last chance to end the madness."
Paul Marik: "So you say, impostor. Give my greetings to my real brother."

-Paul Marik's parting shot at "Thomas Marik", August 9, 3069[3]


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