Paul Moon

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Paul Moon among Elemental battle armor
Paul Moon
Character Profile
Born 3019[1]
Died 3150[2]
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Rank Star Colonel
Spouse Inanna

Paul Moon was a trueborn Clan Elemental warrior and officer of Clan Smoke Jaguar. He later became leader of the mysterious group of warrior-people known as the Fidelis.


Operation: REVIVAL[edit]

Paul Moon participated in Operation REVIVAL, where he fought during a raid on Marshdale and Jeronimo. He later received a promotion and became an officer where he led the conquest of Idlewind.

On that planet, an Elemental officer, Star Commander Joal bid only four points of Elementals against the defenders, the Idlewind Stormtroopers. These, a battalion of armor and a regiment of Mechanized infantry, were slaughtered, and Joal killed Tai-sa, Marc Lutz, the Stormtroopers leader, when he refused to order his troops to surrender. However, as the last Stormtroopers entrenched of the capital of Breezemont, and the Jaguars advance was delayed, Moon took the command, As Lutz had set fire to a forest trying to kill the Elementals, declared they've violated the honor and mobilized a Trinary of 'Mechs, razing half the city and killing all the defenders.[3]

Later he was part of Operation DRAGONSLAYER where he fought with fellow Clansmen in the Battle of Luthien in 3052. Despite his personal bravery, the battle was a loss.[1]

Post-Tukayyid Years[edit]

By late 3052, Paul Moon was commander of the Delta Galaxy's Third Jaguar Cavaliers. His unit was the garrison force on the world of Hyner, where he disgraced Star Commander Trent. Paul told Trent that his mere existence was utter shame and that he should have had the good grace to die on Tukayyid. He was disgusted by Trent when he lies about his superior Star Captain Jez, He says she had lied about how she had saved his life.

In 3054, guerrillas on the world of Hyner began harassing Paul Moon's Cavaliers. He then orders the destruction of the village Beaver Falls, when it became obvious to him that the population was aiding in hiding six guerrilla BattleMechs. Trent tried to reason with Paul to prevent the destruction, but Paul dismissed him as being soft. A year later, guerrilla activity continued to be a problem on Hyner. After his forces finish off the guerrilla movement, Paul orders the eradication of another village as a lesson to the population.

After fighting a battalion of mercenary 'Mechs and forcing them off the planet at the cost of one his favorite and beloved warriors, Paul declares her a hero for single-handedly repulsing the mercenaries. He decides to send Trent to Huntress as an honor guard for the giftake of Trent's rival Jez Howell. Paul believes he was finally rid of Trent, now on his way to the Homeworlds.

In March of 3058, Trent returns to Hyner with a Trinary full of green troops. Reluctantly, Paul gives command of the Trinary to Trent. Months later, Galaxy Commander Hang Mehta orders Paul's unit to attack the Draconis Combine world of Maldonado. He dispatches a Cluster of troops to attack the planet. In theory, it was a simple incursion into Combine space. In reality, Moon implicated Trent's Trinary with the only objective of get rid of him. He altered the plan to send Trent's unit to a trap... and the colonel even ordered another star captain who participated in the operation to kill Trent if he, somehow, survived the trap.

After the departure of the raiding force, Paul receives word from Hang Mehta that Trent was to be arrested for assisting a criminal on Huntress, Benjamin Howell. Paul organizes a unit to pursue Trent's forces to Maldonado. He arrives as Trent's Trinary is fighting the Draconian forces on the ground. Paul, leading a Star of Elemental Battle Armor, attacks Trent in the midst of the fight. During the fight, Paul loses his leg while attacking Trent's Cauldron Born, which suddenly explodes.[4][1]

Operation BULLDOG and the Battle for Huntress[edit]

Paul has his leg regrown in time to fight Operation BULLDOG troops, but is forced to withdraw from Hyner. He and his people regroup with Galaxy Commander Mehta as they fall back to Huntress. In March 3060, Paul is given the honor of leading his troops in assaulting the Eridani Light Horse. Paul contacts Light Horse commander, General Ariana Winston and challenges her to a fight in the plains west of the capital city of Lootera.

On the plains, Paul leads his reinforcements against the Eridani defensive positions, but his forces are ravaged by artillery fire. His forces manages to breach their lines with fury, but they are turned back in the end. Paul is injured during the fight, his right arm and upper shoulder destroyed, and was left for dead by his troops. Later, Com Guard medics find him in his wrecked elemental armor and they sedate him to save his life. He is later made a bondsman of ComStar.[1]

After Operation BULLDOG, forces arrive and rescue Task Force Serpent's forces. Trent appears in the ComStar field hospital where Paul is resting. Trent tells him it's his fault that their Clan is dead, and that his actions pushed him to become a traitor. Paul Moon requests that Trent release him from his shame by way of bondsref but Trent denies him that request. Trent leaves Paul at his bed in grief at what has happened.

Custos of the Fidelis[edit]

After the fall of the Smoke Jaguars, Paul Moon struggled with the consequences of his actions and sought to preserve what was left of his Clan's legacy. Soon afterwards, he would work with Baldur and Inanna of the Nova Cats to evacuate restless Smoke Jaguar civilians and former warriors to Wayside V to form a hidden colony. Later, during the Jihad, Paul manages to organize survivors of Smoke Jaguar into a warrior-people simply known as the Fidelis. During this time, he works a deal with Devlin Stone where his people would act as special forces. Elements fighting the conflict would come to know these mysterious soldiers as "Stone's Shadows". As part of the deal with Stone, they must pledge themselves to service of Stone and the Republic until they pay the debt owed.

After the conclusion of the war, Paul arranged for his people to resettle Mopelia Island on New Earth. There, he leads his people as "Custos", where for a generation they end up training. Paul is sustained over the years with medical technology they have acquired over the decades. His people are kept in total isolation during this period with only brief visits by high-end Republican officials, namely Stone and his successor Damien Redburn.

In July of 3135, Redburn meets with Paul again, this time as Shadow Paladin, for Exarch Jonah Levin. He tells Paul he needs to call Fidelis into service, giving them the opportunity to pay the debt to Stone and the Republic. Paul releases a Century worth of troops for the Republic's operation Fortress Republic. This duty requires his people to operate outside of the Fortress walls, which included the use of the Fidelis' WarShip.[5]

By 3150, the crisis that called for the Fidelis troops' service has been resolved. This leads Paul to contact Exarch Levin, asking him if the Fidelis debt is paid. Levin tells him that debt has been paid and that his people are free. Paul calls a special meeting, which he has to use very dangerous medications to allow him to walk freely to attend. At the meeting, he announces that the Fidelis are free and that Adamans will succeed him as Custos.

In a private meeting shortly after, he tells Adamans that he is dying and he has chosen him as his replacement to lead their people into the future. He hands to him the "Unopened Work" a book of the Fidelis' forbidden history and tells Adamans his true name, Paul Moon, just before passing away.[2]

By 3150, When Wolf Empire's forces attacked New Earth, the Fidelis home, they surrendered the planet without firing a single shot, for unknown reasons. The Fidelis leader was an aging warrior, which it is implied to be Paul.[6]

Dealing with Alaric[edit]

When Alaric landed on the planet where Paul Moon and his Fidelis had resided, Paul would reveal secrets to Alaric about him and his people. The first bit of knowledge that he revealed to Alaric was that the reason his people were out of their pledge to Stone, was due to the sudden betrayal of the Republic. The second revelation that Paul told him was that he and his people were actually the survivors of Clan Smoke Jaguar, who fought for Stone during the Jihad and the Dark Ages. Paul Moon, seeking an opportunity to resurrect his Clan would propose a deal to Alaric. It involved his people to help Alaric become ilClan by defeating the Jade Falcons and the Republic on Terra in order to become the new ilKhan. Paul Moon stated the reason for doing so was due to the past actions of his Clan and wanting to redeem themselves. He even acknowledged that the destruction of Turtle Bay and the harsh rule of the Smoke Jaguars as prime examples of why they were chosen to be eliminated by the Second Star League.[7] Seeing a chance at redemption and resurrecting his Clan, Paul would make a deal with Alaric that would see his Clan reconstituted. Alaric would agree to his terms stating that it would be done as long as he serves his people during the battle against the Jade Falcons for control of Terra. In agreement, Alaric would announce that every warrior of the Fidelis, including Paul were now declared as bondsman of Clan Wolf until they become ilClan.[8]

After the ilClan Trial with the Jade Falcons concluded, Paul Moon's faith was rewarded when he was invited by ilKhan Alaric Ward himself to witness the resurrection of his Clan.

Philosophical and political views[edit]

Originally he was a Clan member of Smoke Jaguar, during which he was known to be a diehard Crusader. He condemned the warriors who lost on Tukayyid. He was a harsh and arrogant trueborn in his early years.

After the destruction of the Smoke Jaguars, he reflected on the consequences of his actions and became more introspective on his limits and potential for improvement. While originally reluctant to take on civilian work, he came to enjoy his time working with technicians and used that experience when molding the Fidelis as a new society.

In his later years as Custos of the Fidelis, he developed a sense of humor and nostalgia while maintaining the sharpness of his warrior mind.

Character notes[edit]

Though not publicly known, Paul Moon becomes the longest lived known Clan trueborn.

He was highest rank officer of the Smoke Jaguars to survive captivity on Huntress.

Contents of the MWDA Novel Surrender Your Dreams is subject to change due to alterations of the timeline by Catalyst Game Labs and possible change outcome of Paul Moon and his Fidelis situation by 3150. This was mentioned by the then Line Developer Herb Beas during[9] the April 2013 BattleChat.


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