Paulina Weapons

Paulina Weapons
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Vandenberg, Tigress
Primary Products VTOLs

Paulina Weapons is a defense contractor in the Taurian Concordat and Terran Hegemony. Located on New Vandenberg and Tigress[1] respectively, both were destroyed during the Succession Wars. The Word of Blake rebuilt the company on New Vandenberg in 3071. Though they took no damage during the Jihad, the plant was operating at 80% of its maximum production in 3079.[2]


Paulina Weapons has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Vandenberg[edit]

Components produced on New Vandenberg:[3][4]
Component Type
Cyrano[3][4] VTOL
Fusion Engine
DAV 220 Cyrano[3]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Paulina DL Ferro-Fibrous Cyrano[3]
Communications System
Garret M250 Cyrano[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
Sky Tracer WL w/Beagle Active Probe Cyrano[3]
Large Laser
Fuersturm-C Cyrano[3]


Components produced on Tigress:[1]
Component Type
Cyrano[1] VTOL


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