Pavel Ridzik

Pavel Ridzik
Pavel Ridzik
Character Profile
Born 2968[1][2]
Died 21 July 3029[3][2]
Affiliation House Ridzik
Rank Strategic Director[2]
Title(s) Supreme Lord[3][2]
Duke of Styk
Duke of Thomas
Profession Noble
Spouse Elizabeth Jordan (lover)[3]
Children Nikoli Ridzik[4][5]
Yuri Ridzik[5]
Angelina Ilyanova (illegitimate)[6]

Pavel Ridzik was a Capellan Confederation nobleman, former Strategic Military Director of the Capellan Armed Forces, and the Supreme Lord of the short-lived Tikonov Free Republic.[7] Pavel held the titles of Duke of Thomas, Duke of Styk,[8] and Lord of Grand Base while loyal to the Capellan Confederation.

Personality and Appearance[edit]

Pavel was greedy, ambitious, and an opportunist, described as a vain and lustful man. He also was known to be a womanizer.[9] He was tall, noted for having red hair, and was bearded in all known descriptions.[10]


Early Life[edit]

Born into the nobility on Highspire, being young and handsome, Lord Ridzik gained a habit of bedding the wives of other nobles. This then led to numerous duels of honor, which Ridzik always won easily. His enemies soon ceased challenging him physically and instead appealed to Chancellor Tormax Liao to exile him. Ridzik disappeared but soon resurfaced when he was appointed commander of the Prefectorate Guard at the age of 21: Maximilian Liao had used his influence to rescue him, amused by the young noble and liking his ruthlessness, expecting to work with him and ensure the loyalty of Highspire. Maximillian joined forces with Ridzik, eventually launching the coup to overthrow his father, who died two years later in Ridzik's "possession."[11][12]

Service of Capellan Confederation[edit]

On 2991, the Chancellor Liao rewarded Ridzik with the command of the Stapleton's Iron Hand for assisting him in gaining the Chancellorship.[13] The Colonel relinquished his command of the Prefectorate Guard and transferred to his new command, which departed to the Davion front. During a battle, an Iron's Hand Quickdraw pilot sacrificed his life to save Ridzik's. In remembrance of his sacrifice, Pavel added his savior's 'Mech's left arm into his Thunderbolt, which cemented the unit's loyalty to his new commander.[14]

On 2992, Ridzik was promoted by the new Chancellor, Maxilimian Liao, to the position of Strategic Military Director of the Capellan Confederation two weeks after the mysterious demise of the former Chancellor. In 3011, the world of Thomas was attacked, and as a Duke of Thomas, Ridzik led the counterattack with Trimaldi's Secutors and a mercenary unit, the Waco Rangers, against the Forty-second Avalon Hussars. His actions led to the breaking of the FedSun siege on the planet.[15]

3020 saw Ridzik given special mission from the Chancellor. He led a mixed force of Maskirovka agents and Hussar officers to the world of Truth. His force masqueraded as a rogue mercenary unit, and killed more than 3,000 religious members of a group known as the Pan-Humanist Congregation.[16]

On July of 3025, Ridzik commanded the forces that invaded the Federated Suns world Stein's Folly, where his forces captured the Prince's Champion, Ardan Sortek.[17]

At August 3028, Ridzik accompanied the Chancellor's delegation/family to Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's wedding on Terra. He was secretly spied by his "aide" Alexi Malenkov while having a tryst with the Chancellor's wife Elizabeth Jordan-Liao, and reported it to his boss, Justin Xiang.[18]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the first outbreaks of the War, Colonel Ridzik's headquarters was moved to Elgin. His presence there kept the mercenary unit McCormack's Fusiliers on the world.[19]

In December, Ridzik sent a plea for aid reaffirming his dedication to the Confederation despite his Tikonov Commonality being cut off from the rest of the Confederation. He requested that his regiment, Stapleton's Iron Hand, and other Tikonov's forces that have fallen back be brought to a position where they can strike and retake Tikonov from the Eighth Crucis Lancers. The Eighth, according to the Colonel's intelligence, was the only unit on-world. On Sian, the Chancellor was dubious of the Colonel's motives and plans. The Chancellor ordered the Colonel to be eliminated on the charge of treason.[20] Ridzik receives word from Sian that his plan had been rejected.[21]

In February, 3029, Ridzik was rescued from the Liao assassination attempt by Davion agents.[22] He then agreed to see Hanse Davion and defected, leading to the founding of his own realm, the Tikonov Free Republic.

Supreme Lord of the Tikonov Free Republic[edit]

Brokering a deal with Hanse Davion, Senior Colonel Ridzik became the Supreme Lord of the Tikonov Free Republic. However, his fiefdom consisted only of the Tikonov Commonality and he was denied his nation's homeworld of Tikonov. Given a Davion Liaison, Hanse Davion's close friend, General Ardan Sortek, the two did not get along, with Sortek secretly calling Ridzik The Littlest Tzar to Hanse Davion.[23]

In March, Pavel reorganized Capellan units that had defected to his Republic, forming the First and Second Republican Guards.[24]

In June, Prince Davion requested that Colonel Ridzik use his forces to attack the Free Worlds League. Ridzik ordered his forces to do so, and they claimed several new territories, preventing the League from counterattacking House Davion & his own new realm. Lyran forces assisted in his efforts, cleaning up worlds and making sure they were secure.[25]

July 21st, 3029 on Elgin, Ridzik complained to his Davion liaison officer, General Sortek. The Colonel vented his frustrations at having to move his JumpShip assets from various worlds as this could lead him to feel that he was vulnerable. The conversation was one that Davion General had expected, including Ridzik complaining about the continually forestalled return of the would-be capital world of his republic. Sortek turned to him and reminded him unless Hanse Davion pulled the economic aid he was pumping into Ridzik's republic, he would have to wait for Tikonov to be returned to his control.[26]

After the meeting, Ridzik was highly annoyed with Sortek and his new master. As he mapped out the worlds Sortek had requested that he move his JumpShips too, he suspected that Hanse Davion was arranging transport of his wife, who was traveling to New Avalon. Frustrated, he plotted to kill Sortek and kidnap Davion's wife.[3] Before he put these plans into action an aide handed him a small package containing a verigraphed and magkey to a hotel room. To his astonishment, the verigraph was from the Chancellor's wife Elizabeth Jordan-Liao whom he had had an affair saying that she had come to join him. Happy at the turn of events, Ridzik believed he could finally use Jordan's arrival to get back at Maximilian.[3]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Later that evening after arriving at the hotel room, he was shot with a nerve agent from a poisoned dart by the same female agent who had planted the bomb that failed to kill him six months earlier. As he lay dying, the agent told him that Romano Liao had ordered his assassination and she had Elizabeth Liao write the verigraph before killing her.[27] She left him on the floor of the room, helplessly dying.[3]

Ridzik's death greatly favored the Federated Suns, which gained nothing by his continued existence. Ardan Sorten took his place as the provisional leader of the Republic, which afterward became part of the Sarna March of the Federated Commonwealth.[28]


Pavel was survived by his only known sons: the twins Yuri Ridzik and Nikoli Ridzik. After the division of the Commonwealth and collapse of Sarna March after Operation GUERRERO, both Ridziks raised an Army and tried to resurrect the Republic, but they failed: in 3059, on Hall, his army was destroyed by William Baranov forces and both, apparently, killed. Years later, the Word of Blake "created" two fake Yuri and Nikoli, to sow chaos on Hall, but both impostors were killed soon in combat. Pavel also had an illegitimate daughter, named Angelina Ilyanova. In 3060, she was the commanding officer of Second Janissaries of St. Ives Compact.[29] The Hauptmann General Caleb Peleas, commander of the Tikonov Republican Guard in 3060 and native of Tikonov, is rumored to be another illegitimate child of Ridzik but is unconfirmed.[30]


  • Prior to him leaving the Confederation, he tried to court Candice Liao as his consort in a bid to gain the Chancellorship.[31]
  • Romano Liao had considered taking him as a Consort to help consolidate her holdings while planning to grab the throne for herself.[32]


For most of his career, Pavel piloted the Ridzik ancestral Thunderbolt that began service in the twenty-sixth century. It was downgraded to modified TDR-5S specifications by the time he took charge of it and had a Quickdraw's left arm grafted on in 2991. After Ridzik's assassination, his 'Mech passed to the Iron hand's successor unit, the Second Republican Guard, and was destroyed at 3062, during the FedCom Civil War, along with most of the 2nd, on Algol.[33]

Ridzik also was noted to pilot an Orion during the Battle of Tikograd, Tikonov.[34]



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