People's Reconstruction Effort

People's Reconstruction Effort
Organization Profile
TypeHumanitarian Organization
Parent OrganizationDraconis Combine


The People's Reconstruction Effort (PRE) was founded in 2821. Zabu Kurita set its focus on the reconstruction efforts, and it was centered on the preservation of knowledge. PRE established a PRE Academy on Dover, a planet in the Benjamin Military District.

The PRE Academy was to be staffed by professors and teachers who had lost their teaching posts to the destruction of war. The faculty would also include visiting industrialists, engineers, technicians, and mechanics from undamaged factories that could spare them to help others rebuild. The PRE Academy would attempt to preserve as much knowledge as possible by creating an enormous library and acting as a free consultation group for efforts to rebuild.

The Academy met opposition from both the military and the ISF even before it opened its doors. Those two agencies had grave reservations about how all this information was to be disseminated to anyone who asked. Zabu patiently explained that only corporations and groups whose loyalty was proven would be allowed to use the Academy's resources, but it was not until Coordinator Jinjiro Kurita backed his brother that the way cleared for the opening of the Academy.[2]



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