Perception of Victory

Perception of Victory Cover.jpg
Perception of Victory
Product information
Type Short story
Author Michael J. Ciaravella
Cover Artwork David Kerber (design)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 10 March 2023
Era IlClan Era
Timeline 14 July 3151
Series The Mercenary Tales
Preceded by Innocent, and Defenseless

Product Description[edit]


After repelling the brutal Capellan Confederation’s vain attempt to capture their planet’s working HPG, the people of Northwind had hoped to get a break from the growing conflict in the wake of the splintering of the Republic of the Sphere. But Capellan ruler Daoshen Liao has other plans for the beleaguered world, sending wave after wave of mercenaries to grind Northwind’s defenses into bloody dust.

Standing against them is what is left of the legendary Northwind Highlanders, particularly the Grey Watch. Already heroes for driving the Capellans off-planet, the valiant warriors of the Watch are now fighting a campaign of attrition, hoping to beat back the rampaging mercenary hordes. But when a Knight of the Republic arrives with universe-changing news, the men and women of the Grey Watch must face a remade Inner Sphere and find their place in it... or perish.

Plot Summary[edit]

The 14 July 3151, Declan Casey was on Tara, Northwind's planetary capital, in the middle of a fight. Since the battle of Northwind's end, a few months before, the Capellan Confederation had been sending continually waves of mercenary units to harass the Highlanders. The battle raged, with the attackers paying a high price before retreating. A DropShip arrived from Terra, and when it landed in the space port, two officers received the newly arrivals. They were the Republic of the Sphere Knight Maeve Stirling and Cadha Jaffray, two of the officers which went to Terra to fight for the Republic. After meeting in a bar, the newcomers explained the Republic's defeat and disappearance on Terra, and their ignorance about how many Highlanders had survived to the battle and when, or if, they may return home. Later, they played a new message which showed the joining of Northwind to the Republic, along with a short message which considers the Higlanders' pact accomplished. After the meeting, Cadha says to Maeve than she was welcomed to remain in Northwind and all the officers mobilized to crush the mercenaries that had dared to attack their planet.

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