Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Eagle


The Eagle-class frigate Percival and her sister ship FWLS Leodegrance were both constructed to be escort vessels for the sixth carrier of the Thera-class of carriers being built by the Free Worlds League, the FWLS Thessaly, which was due to enter active service in 3070.[1]

During her December 3067 shakedown cruise, an error was found in the Percival's life support systems; this led to a fleet-wide refit that didn't become public knowledge until 3068.[2] When the Word of Blake suborned a large portion of the Free Worlds League navy in the early stages of the Jihad the Percival was one of the ships that the Blakists gained control of; the Percival went on to take the Second Sirian Lancers on a raid against Skye. After being intercepted by an impromptu Skye task force consisting of the aerospace fighter wing attached to the First Skye Jaegers and a host of fighters and transport DropShips attached to the other regiments garrisoning Skye - an interception that saw the Lyran forces defeated, although not before apparently destroying four League DropShips - the Percival went on to deploy the Sirian Lancers on the planet and bombarded the planetary capital, New Glasgow, as well as the positions occupied by the Fourth Skye Rangers.[3][4]

The Percival was ultimately driven out of the Skye system by the Fox-class corvette LAS Katrina Steiner[3] but the raid was one of the key causes of the resulting war declared by the Skye and Bolan provinces of the Lyran Alliance against the Free Worlds League.

The Percival would continue to serve the Blakists until her destruction during Operation SCOUR in the New Earth system in 3078.[5]


The Percival appears to have been named for a figure associated with the myths around the 5th or 6th century AD King Arthur; in this case, one of the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Percival.


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