Character Profile
Also known as Peri Watson
Born 3012[1]
Died 3070[2]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Scientist
Siblings Aidan Pryde,
Marthe Pryde
Spouse Aidan Pryde (lover)
Children Diana Pryde

Peri, later known as Peri (Watson), was a member of the Scientist Caste of Clan Jade Falcon. She was a trueborn, decanted in the same sibko as Aidan Pryde and Marthe Pryde. She was also the mother of Diana Pryde. As a scientist, she would eventually rise to hold the title of Chief Scientist, overseeing a variety of assignments, from weapons testing, to genetics, to espionage for her Khan and Clan when need be. More often, her investigations were done to satisfy her own curiosity. They would also help to unravel the mystery surrounding The Society, assisting her Clan in the task of eventually routing out the chalcas rebel faction.[3][4]


Early life[edit]

Part of a sibko combining the genetic legacy of Star Commander Tania Pryde and Galaxy Commander Ramon Mattlov, Peri and eleven of her sibkin survived to enter warrior training at Crash Camp on Ironhold. She was a hard-working cadet, persevering through several years of the Jade Falcon's harsh trueborn warrior training program. In her mid- to late-teen years she was eased out of the training program as her Falconers had determined that she was lacking in mechanical skills and simply was not competitive enough. She was, however, extremely intelligent, scoring high enough to enter the Scientist caste.[5]


Initially apprenticed to Genetic Officer Watson at a laboratory on the world of Tokasha in the Kerensky Cluster, Peri worked on a project devoted to the improvement of genetic procedures. Her calm and relatively boring life was interrupted by the arrival of Aidan, who had fled Ironhold after failing his initial Trial of Position. When he arrived he was extremely ill, but Peri nursed him back to health. They enjoyed a brief intimate interlude (and conceived a child, Diana), before Aidan was recaptured by their former Falconer, Star Captain Joanna, and taken back to Ironhold.[6]


After roughly a decade on Tokasha, Peri was reassigned to the Main Science Center on Circe and separated from Diana. Though she did not communicate often with her daughter, Peri kept a close watch on her career. By this time a full-fledged Scientist, Peri had a major role in the ritual honoring Aidan Pryde's genetic legacy and addition to the gene pool. At some point after this, she earned the Labname "Watson".[7][8]

In 3055, Peri attained the rank of Chief Scientist, in charge of the Falcon Eyrie Research Station on Huntress. She oversaw genetic experiments and highly-secret research on the Land Air 'Mech concept. The latter came in handy when, in 3059, Star Captain Horse arrived on Huntress and was captured by Clan Smoke Jaguar. Peri, Star Commander Sentania Buhallin, and several members of the solahma unit assigned to the Eyrie executed a rescue plan with the LAM prototypes, freeing Horse, who then went on to free his Trinary, and their 'Mechs from captivity. Her first clues about the existence of the Society were found at about this time, in the form of experiments under the name of Jade Falcon Scientist General Etienne (Balzac). She had little to no access to experiments under his name, or to their data and results, a fact that secretly aroused her curiosity. With forthcoming knowledge of the illegal possession of the genetic legacy of Aidan Pryde by the Smoke Jaguar scientists (discovered by Horse and Star Commander Buhallin), the combined information pulled at her curiosity further, turning it into quietly growing suspicion about an emerging conspiracy of vast proportions within the scientist caste of several Clans.[9][10]

Return to Ironhold[edit]

After her return to Ironhold in 3060, Peri discovered a secret sibko training facility where the genetic legacy of Aidan Pryde was being utilized in a different manner than normally allowed by the Clan eugenics program; in this case, used as the entire genetic component of a sibko. This discovery – and her many attempts at confrontation with her superiors regarding this information – brought her afoul of Scientist General Etienne. He put out a contract on her life, but she survived the subsequent attack, which had been carried out by thugs pulled from the Bandit Caste.[11][12]

During her recovery from the severe beating, she had watched her daughter's attempt to earn a Bloodname with great interest, though she stayed in the background, not wishing to interfere with her performance as a warrior. Much had changed in a short time, as Clan Smoke Jaguar had been Annihilated by a large military force from the Inner Sphere. The Spheroids then successfully fought the Great Refusal, putting an end to the Crusader's plans for further conquest. Amidst this turmoil, she met with Khan Marthe Pryde and agreed to spy for her at the secret sibko facility to gather information about Etienne's practices. Peri ingratiated herself with the Scientist General, and managed to be assigned to the secret facility. She soon uncovered evidence that the project was interClan, and that Balzac was attempting to assemble an army of his own for reasons unknown. This evidence allowed Khan Marthe to reorganize the Jade Falcon Scientist caste, exiling Etienne from the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, and greatly disrupting his activities with his colleagues in the Society. And though Khan Marthe offered the post of Scientist-General to Peri, Peri declined.[13]

As of 3062, Peri was assigned officially to the Sibko Training Center on Ironhold.[14]

Mysterious disappearance[edit]

Around 3070, Peri was reported missing by Kael Pershaw, head of the Watch. She was apparently investigating the survival of Etienne's network, and The Society as a whole. She was never to be heard from again.[2]


Though she wore a lab coat throughout most of her life, Scientist Peri had always remained a warrior at heart, a fact that even Khan Marthe Pryde acknowledged during the meeting between the two sibkin in 3061. Her persistent investigations into The Society were some of the only warnings that the Clans had regarding the threat of the scientists. Strong bonds of loyalty to her Clan were more than enough to preclude her from succumbing to the influence of the secret cabal. Her insistence about knowing the truth allowed her Khans to prepare for the fight that would come to pass in 3072, when the Jade Falcons began the Annihilation of their entire scientist caste.[15][16]



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