Periphery Military Region


The Periphery Military Region was created to organize all SLDF forces that were located in the Periphery. It corresponded to the borders of the Taurian Concordat, Magistracy of Canopus, Rim Worlds Republic, and Outworlds Alliance.[1] It was further subdivided into a Taurian Military Region, Magistracy Military Region, Rim Worlds Military Region, and Outworlds Military Region, whose borders matched those of the appropriate nation.[2] This meant that unlike the other SLDF Military Regions, there was no division into smaller Districts. Each nation was instead assigned an Army whose general reported to the SLDF High Command.

All SLDF naval assets in the Periphery Military Regions were overseen by a Vice Admiral.[3]

Prior to the outbreak of the New Vandenberg Uprising, the following armies were assigned to their corresponding regions in the Periphery: the Nineteenth Army (Taurian), Seventeenth Army (Magistracy), Eighteenth Army (Outworlds), and the Twentieth Army (Rim Worlds), combining into a force equivalent to 98 divisions.[1] However, thanks to Stefan Amaris' influence on the young First Lord Richard Cameron, the Twentieth would be withdrawn from the Rim Worlds Republic as part of the First Lord's second birthday proclamation. Though every effort was made by Aleksandr Kerensky to strip their abandoned facilities of any useful information, enough would fall into the Republic's hands to prove damaging during the Amaris Civil War.[4]

All four armies would suffer greatly during the Uprising, with more than half of their starting forces destroyed or forced to disband from heavy losses, and during the campaign to win back the Terran Hegemony from Amaris.


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