Pesht Regulars

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Pesht Regulars
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command DCMS

The largest of the military districts and boasting the Combine's capital of Luthien, the Pesht Regulars also had the fewest 'Mech regiments thanks to Pesht Military District's position away from the Lyran and Davion borders, a choice which hampered the defense of the region during the Clan Invasion.


For most of the Draconis Combine's existence the Pesht Regulars were responsible for guarding the core of the Combine from Periphery-based threats. Until the Clan Invasion, however, the largest threat from the Periphery were bands of pirates. As a result, a posting to the Pesht Regulars was often used as a final post before an officer retired or used as a punishment for soldiers. The lack of action also meant that the Pesht Regulars were the least effective of all the Regular units. In fact, by the late 3040's the Pesht Regulars were seen as a joke. Several officers who were assigned to the Pesht Regulars committed seppuku rather than be disgraced by such a posting.[1]

During the Clan Invasion the Pesht Regulars quickly honed their skills. The Clans were the single largest challenge ever faced by the Pesht Regulars, and though they weren't always successful in defending against the Clans they learned their lessons: Instead of a retirement post or position of dishonor, the Pesht Regulars realized that they were responsible for defending the heart of their nation.

The Jihad found them ill-equipped to deal with the Word of Blake forces that attacked. The Regulars had never impressed the Quartermaster, so supplies were diverted to higher-profile units. This left the Pesht Regulars without the advanced equipment needed to face the Blakists. To compensate, the Pesht Regulars investigated and destroyed several Black Dragon Society rebellions that occurred around them. The Fourth Pesht Regulars were destroyed on Pesht in 3071. Their sacrifice allowed the people of Pesht to survive the nuclear assault triggered by the 42nd Shadow Division and the 29th Division. During Operation SCOUR the Seventh Pesht Regulars attacked the Devil's Tower Castle Brian.[2]

After the Jihad ended, the Pesht Regulars received replacement troops from other units that had been damaged in the Jihad or lost their homeworlds to The Republic of the Sphere. The 3rd Proserpina Hussars transferred to Pesht and were used to rebuild the destroyed Third Pesht Regulars. Despite these actions, the skill shown by the new arrivals, and the Regular's need to guard two borders with Clan forces, by and large the Pesht Regulars were still rated a low priority by the DCMS High Command. Most Pesht Regular units were restricted to 'Mechs from before the Clan Invasion, and the Regulars relied heavily on their attached conventional forces.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Pesht Regulars


Different per Unit.

Pesht Regulars Details[edit]

In 3025 the Pesht District was the largest of the five districts but was also the one with the fewest Mech regiments as it shared no borders along the Commonwealth or the Davion fronts. This made the Pesht Military District see far less action than the other districts, with only the long stretch of border with the Periphery active in the form of an occasional bandit raid. Because Luthien is located in the Pesht District, the Pesht Regulars have found themselves taking part in more and more ceremonial events, and this ceremonial role has turned the Pesht Regulars into a show unit. By 3025 it is traditional to keep the 'Mechs of the Pesht Regulars looking their best, and ensures close-order drills for parades are their specialty.

When the District forces were formed before the First Succession War, the Pesht Regulars were normal regiments, manned by MechWarriors with no special qualification except strong loyalty. As time wore on and more and more MechWarriors died in the wars, those who survived to near-retirement age became important because of their experience. It was decided that these veterans would be transferred to the Pesht Regulars once they reached a certain age. In this way they could serve out the rest of their careers with a relatively low chance of dying. At the same time, the DCMS began sending many recent graduates of the various MechWarrior academies to the Pesht Regulars to serve under and learn from those veterans. In 3025 most Pesht Regulars commanders are officers who have served at least 15 years in front-line units, with green warriors serving under them. Although this mixture seldom creates good 'Mech units, it does make good MechWarriors of the rookies. Recent studies have shown that a young MechWarrior stands a 25% better chance of surviving his first year on the front lines if he had first served in the Pesht Regulars.

The Pesht Regulars do not see much action, and this had given them low priority with the Procurement Department. In 3025 it is sometimes a struggle for them to get even the simplest supplies, with their requisitions continually bumped, to be filled only after the other District Forces are supplied. This problem has often reached such proportions that the Pesht Regulars will parade past the Coordinator without workable weapons and with other systems just barely running. Jury-rigging a 'Mech is a tech's daily routine in the Pesht Regulars.

As the Kurita family has been known to use the Pesht Regulars as a form of purgatory for officers who have offended them, many higher officers find being assigned to the Pesht Regulars a grave insult.

The Pesht Regulars use a white paint with gray striping scheme.[4]

Units of the Pesht Regulars[edit]


3rd Pesht Regulars: - Destroyed in 3052 on Teniente[16]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

Game Rules[edit]

Third Succession War to Clan Invasion[edit]

To reflect their low position in the eyes of the DCMS and the Procurement Department, prior to Alpha Strike play all 'Mechs, fighters, and vehicles in the Pesht Regulars must mark off damage point to Armor and Structure. Any unit that doesn't have the ENE special must also mark off one Weapon Critical Hit.[1]


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