Pesht University of Military Science

The Pesht University of Military Science is an educational facility on Pesht.[1]

On 29 November 3074, PUMS hosted an academic roundtable titled "Send in the Clans: An Evaluation of Theories" attended by Dean Truman Gieger, Professor Hu Jingawi, Dr. Lois Gelman, and retired Tai-i Robert Kilisaka which discussed theories as to what was occurring on the Clan Homeworlds during the Word of Blake Jihad. The Dean's involvement was mostly to ask the attending audience for donations as the ongoing economic emergency had stripped PUMS funding to repair damaged infrastructure elsewhere. Professor Jingwai, whose focus was Periphery conflicts, electrified the audience by showing a two-minute amateur trivid recording of a three-way assault on Thule between Clan Star Adder, Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Ghost Bear which he claimed was evidence of some unknown "rite of passage" and that the Adders and Horses were attempting to enact on the Bears.[1]

Next, Dr. Gelman posited the theory that rise in inter-Clan conflict was due to some mass plague affecting the margin Clan Homeworlds and triggering and forced migration to the Inner Sphere which those Clans already there was desperate to resist. Tai-i Robert Kilisaka spoke last and put forward the theory based solely around past excavations of the "Minnesota Tribe" that the Homeworld Clans were under attack by a resurgent and hyper-advanced Clan "Wolverine". Kilisaka's theory was largely driven by his hatred of Clan Nova Cat elements within the Combine's borders, advocating their elimination to avoid earning the ire of the Tribe's descendants.[1]

Attending the academic roundtable for Chandrasekhar Kurita, archivist and researcher Jose Maestas would consider all the theories raised largely questionable due to lack of evidence or supporting information, the biases of the attendees and in Kilisaka's case, the diagnosis of Ageranium's Disease.[1]


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