Peter Davion (29th c.)

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Peter Davion
Character Profile
Born 2782[1]
Died 2873[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) Prime Marshal
Profession Noble
Parents Joshua Davion (father)[1]
Mary Halder-Davion (mother)[1]
Siblings Paul Davion[1]

Peter Davion was the younger son of Joshua Davion by his marriage to Mary Halder-Davion. During the reign of his nephew, Michael Davion he was the leader of the AFFS.


Only fifteen when his brother Paul Davion took the throne, Peter had a stellar military career, rising to high rank during the First and Second Succession Wars. After the death of Field Marshal Thomas Halder-Davion in 2841 and his brother Paul the following year, Peter was promoted by his nephew to Prime Marshal, a position created to allow a military commander to stand in for a First Prince unable or unwilling to participate in the war effort.

Prince Michael's first decade was marked by considerable opposition by nobles and soldiers who opposed his goals of peace with the Draconis Combine and the Capellan Confederation. In 2846 a cabal of officers approached Peter and proposed to support him in a coup against his nephew. Peter declined and warned them that any further pursuit of the matter would result in him arresting them all for treason. Three years later, Peter almost captured Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita on the planet Tishomingo.

Peter was responsible for the shift in focus from the Combine to the Confederation in 2860. The offensives against the Combine had stalled after Coordinator Miyogi Kurita's Marathon Offensive and the loss of Robinson had demoralized the Draconis March. House Liao's resistance had also been stiffening after years of defeat and the last thing that the Federated Suns needed was two resurgent enemies. Peter personally led the invasion of Cammal but his DropShip was brought down by Liao aerospace cover and he was seriously wounded. Only the death of Chancellor Laurelli Liao a few weeks earlier saved the invasion force, as her successor Dainmar Liao sent orders to retreat.

The lull between the Second and Third Succession Wars gave Peter a chance to recover and when the Draconis Combine invaded the Lyran Commonwealth in 2866, Peter personally lobbied his nephew for an offensive against the Combine. Michael authorized Operation PENDRAGON, which began almost immediately. However, the offensive proved difficult at first against the motivated DCMS defenders but infighting between Kurita commanders led to supply difficulties and the situation soon improved.

Peter Davion died the same year as his nephew.


Peter's descendants, known as the "Argyle Davions", survived the Succession Wars and became an influential cadet branch of House Davion.


If war was as simple as Dimensional Chess, then all our Marshals would be brainy academic types. War isn't, and our Marshals definitely aren't.
  — From The Private Journals of a Loyal Marshal, by Prime Marshal Peter Davion, Avalon Military Press, 2874[2]


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