Peter La Casse (Person)

Terrance Peter La Casse, Jr
In-universe persona Peter LaCasse
Terrance LaCasse

Terrance Peter La Casse, Jr. (which he sometimes spells LaCasse or Lacasse to avoid confusing computer systems) is a BattleTech fan and volunteer supporter. He is best known for creating the La Casse faction list, a well-known fan work that was used extensively throughout the BattleTech fan base and allegedly also occasionally by the game developers and authors, before gradually being replaced by the Xotl Faction Assignment & Rarity Tables and then the official Master Unit List.[citation needed] He is also credited as a playtester or fact-checker in several BattleTech products.[1]

He has a minimalistic website (Peter's Home Page) left over from his college days in the 1990's with a link to a subpage with BattleTech content. The faction list directory (Faction list page) is not linked from this page, but is accessible separately.

Here on BattleTechWiki he is registered as User:Peterlacasse, and as 'peterlacasse' on the CBT Forum.


Peter La Casse has two canonical counterparts in the BattleTech universe: Colonel Peter LaCasse of the First Taurian Pride and General Terrence LaCasse Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers.