Peter Marik (25th c.)

This article is about the 12th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. For the 9th Captain-General, see Peter Marik.
Peter Marik II
Character Profile
Also known as "Peter the Great"[1]
Born 2379[2]
Died 2468[1][2]
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General[1]
Position Speaker of the Parliament[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Peter Marik I (father)
Siblings Bruce Marik
Terrence Marik
Dinah Marik
Children George Marik

Peter Marik II was the 12th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[3]


Peter Marik came to power following his brother Terrence's retirement. In 2440, Terrence called a meeting of House Marik at the family estate at Dormuth on Marik. Peter supported Terrence's daughter Micaela, but her poor attitude led many of the Mariks to seek another candidate. Peter's son George spoke on Peter's behalf, a discussion that Micaela verbally escalated until she accused Peter of cowardice. Terrence, heretofore silent, became enraged upon hearing his daughter insult his brother. He ordered the two to duel. The 62-year-old Peter bested the 39-year-old Micaela, proving his worthiness to become Captain-General.[4][5]

Peter served as a Member of Parliament representing the Marik Commonwealth and, sometimes, as Captain-General. He was elected Speaker of the House in 2446, the only person to serve as both Speaker and Captain-General concurrently. Perhaps Peter's greatest legacy came in his role as an MP. The Marik succeeded in getting legislation passed that allowed individuals who lived in systems captured by the League to become citizens. The Liberation Act of 2448 virtually eliminated civilians exoduses off captured worlds, allowing their economies to recover much more quickly.[4][5]

Peter's first term as Captain-General was in 2441. He led a counteroffensive against the Lyran Commonwealth that liberated Kamenz and Bolan, though his son was killed on Bolan. During his second term in 2446, he conquered Halfway and Smolnik. He stopped there, content to organize a good defense against Lyran attacks. During his later terms, he campaigned against the Capellan Confederation.[4][5][3]

Peter retired as the head of the Free Worlds League Military in 2452. The League's borders were secure and its economy was strong. Peter continued serving as an MP and Speaker until his death.[5]

Death and afterward[edit]

Peter died in 2460. The state funeral for him showed off the League's best and newest technologies. His service was one of the most expensive and well-attended.[5][6]


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