Peter Remonde

Peter Remonde
Affiliation Federated Suns

Peter Remonde (Born ???? - died ????) was a veteran journalist and war correspondent with the Federated Suns News Service and the son of another noted Federated Suns war correspondent.[1]


During the Jihad Remonde accompanied forces operating on the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR, producing a number of broadcasts including the April 3078 report on the damage inflicted on Bryant, which Remonde considered to be the most destructive campaign he had seen to date during his career as a war correspondent with the AFFS - a career which stretched back almost 30 years at that point.[1]

Remonde continued to work with the FSNS after the Jihad, covering the Davion Assault Guards' actions during the Operation MATADOR campaign against the Taurian Concordat; when the Assault Guards deployed alongside the First Syrtis Fusiliers in a lightning drop on Flintoft on the 5th of May 3080 Remonde dropped onto the planet in the jump seat of the Atlas BattleMech piloted by the commander of the guards, General Marguerite McCaffee.[2]

In August 3081 Remonde highlighted the rebuilding work going on throughout the Republic of the Sphere in a report from Achernar, where the construction of a Valiant Systems factory to produce industrial and combat vehicles as part of a redevelopment of the destroyed Achernar BattleMechs facility was used as an example of the scale of the rebuilding going on.[3]


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