Peter Rice

Peter L. Rice
Occupation Author

Peter L. Rice is a US author who penned several pieces of gaming fiction for FASA, including the Renegade Legion novels Damned If We Do (1990), Frost Death (1992), and Monsoon (1992).

In 1993, his only BattleTech novel, Far Country, was published. Reportedly, this novel was to be the first one going with a new Explorer Corps boxed set that expanded the BattleTech universe into the periphery (on the background of the search for the Clan homeworlds), and Peter Rice supposedly had a deal for at least one other "Explorer Corps" series book. However, FASA dropped the original Explorer Corps idea. The planned boxed set was changed into the Explorer Corps sourcebook, sentient aliens were deliberately avoided for BattleTech (beyond Far Country), and no follow-up Explorer Corps novel was solicited or published.

Peter Rice had a wargaming and RPG shop in Bath, Maine called the "Toy Soldier". He switched over to to full-time professional miniatures painting since.

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