Peter Steiner-Davion

Peter Ardan Steiner-Davion
Peter Ardan Steiner-Davion
Also known as"Paladin" (call sign)[1]
Born2 February 3035[2]
Died20 December 3073[3][4]
AffiliationHouse Steiner-Davion
Duke of Tharkad[5]
ParentsHanse Davion (father)
Melissa Steiner (mother)
SpouseMarie Hussfield[6]
ChildrenHanse Steiner-Davion[6]

Peter Ardan Steiner-Davion was the third of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's five children. As such, he was to be the Archon on Tharkad and of the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth while Victor was holding court on New Avalon. After finding himself at the center of his sister Katherine's machinations, he went into exile, only returning when Morgan Kell sought him out and asked Peter to claim the title of Archon for himself.


Early Life[edit]

Peter followed in his older brother's footsteps and attended the Nagelring, the premier Lyran military academy. It was quickly realized that he was an adept MechWarrior, which was not a surprise for many, given his parentage.

Military Career[edit]

Peter took a series of hard lessons in the early part of his military career, as his heritage attracted a lot of attention. First, when stationed on the Skye March world of Lyons as part of the Lyons Skye March Militia. Peter was the apparent target of an assassin's bomb. Allegedly perpetrated by the Free Skye Militia, Peter pounced when he heard rumors that those responsible were in Bellerive, a hamlet populated by a religious group. Leftenant Peter led his lance to the village, not realizing that they had walked into a trap laid by Ryan Steiner. Missiles began firing from the church, and when Peter attempted to disable them, prearranged explosives brought down the largest building in town and started a fire that reduced the whole community to ashes. Fortunately for Peter, ComStar intercepted the vid footage that Steiner's agents took and repackaged it as a trailer.[7]

Going into damage control, Archon-Prince Victor removed Peter from his posting and assigned him to Tormano Liao, ostensibly as a liaison. Liao manipulated Peter and Khorsakhov's Cossacks into leading an attack on a Capellan-aligned mercenary unit on Shiloh that would have almost certainly resulted in his death.[8] Only the timely intervention of Kai Allard-Liao averted the disaster that likely would have forced Victor into a war against the Capellan Confederation to avenge his brother's death.[7]

In addition to the dawning realization that he was a pawn in the schemes of others, as well as the knowledge of its consequences in the form of collateral damage, he was manipulated by his older sister and sent away by his brother, so he went into an exile of sorts. Unbeknownst to Katherine, he retired to a monastery for ex-MechWarriors on Zaniah III that had been the home of Morgan Kell.[7]

To be an Archon[edit]

Peter was pulled from his exile by Morgan in 3066 when it became clear that the Lyran Alliance would need a new Archon to bring an end to the FedCom Civil War. Peter led a pan-Lyran coalition to Tharkad, though he attempted to convince his great-aunt Nondi to retire peacefully before landing his troops. Peter's forces gradually pushed Nondi's Loyalists back to the capital, where he killed her in single combat amid bitter street-to-street fighting in his new Fafnir.[9]

Victor abdicated as Archon-Prince and decreed that Peter be his successor in the Lyran Alliance, though that precluded him from ever claiming the Federated Suns throne on New Avalon.[10] Peter set about rebuilding the Lyran military and much of its ruined infrastructure. To prevent the possibility of a future succession crisis between the two states, Peter also renounced all claims that he and his descendants had to the throne of the Federated Suns.[11]

Hostage in His Own Home[edit]

An opportunity arose to gain help when the Star League Council convened in late 3067 on Tharkad. On a personal level, Peter sought to patch up his damaged relationship with Victor before the Council convened.[citation needed] Rather than ask the League for help, however, Peter decided that he would pull the Alliance out of the League. This decision would have dire consequences when the Word of Blake, incensed that their interpretation of a centuries-old prophecy was seemingly foiled, attempted to cow the Lyrans back into the League by threatening them with bombardment from the Star League-era LCS Invincible. When the Lyrans refused to bow to the pressure, the WarShip launched a devastating assault[12][13] that ruptured Tharkad City's underground fusion plant.[14]

Peter tried to lead his people from the besieged capital, but only a daring assault meant to rescue him managed to get a message of hope out to his subjects. In the message, Peter willingly handed over the Archonship to his cousin, General of the Armies Adam Steiner, stating that he was denying the Word of Blake the "prize they feel they have captured" by stepping down.[15] Adam then assaulted Tharkad shortly afterwards and finally removed the planet from Blakist occupation, allowing Peter to reclaim the Archonship less than five months after abdicating the title.[16]

One of Peter's first acts after returning to office was to reinstate the position of "Archonette", one not in use since the early 2800s, and essentially divided the Alliance into several substates where these select individuals had the local responsibility for trade, logistics, and social support. While Peter retained ultimate authority, this somewhat controversial move helped the Alliance recoup from the staggering losses still being inflicted by the Word's Jihad by decentralizing authority and allowing for quicker response to local needs and emergencies.[16]

Peter was also responsible for giving Chandrasekhar Kurita permission to establish a base on the Lyran Alliance world of Arcturus in mid-February 3073, a base which was used by a multinational coalition force that Chandrasekhar had pulled together to oppose the Word of Blake.[17][18] Peter was killed in 3073 by a Word of Blake assassin on Tukayyid. On his deathbed, he named Adam Steiner his successor.[3]

Marriage and Children[edit]

Peter Steiner-Davion married Marie Hussfield, with whom he had a son, Hanse Steiner-Davion, after a 28 hour delivery.[19]


It has been stated by the developers that the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus,[20] removed Peter from power to put Adam back on the throne in his place. The plan backfired, and Adam purged the brotherhood when he discovered the organization's involvement.[21] The full details of this in regards to Peter's assassination have yet to be revealed, though it is speculated that the Brotherhood may have framed the Word of Blake for the assassination.


Peter is noted for piloting a JagerMech in the early years prior to his self-exile. During the Battle of Tharkad in 3067, Peter piloted a captured, loyalist Fafnir during the last year of the FedCom Civil War. This 'Mech was later painted in Royal Guards parade colors and used in the last battles for Tharkad. Later that year, he found himself at the controls of a salvaged Fafnir, which was customized for a rough siege of Tharkad by Word of Blake forces until 3072.[22]


"This war shall be indelibly etched into the memories and existences of the people of the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns. We shall mourn and we will never forget those who fell, but let us not remember this war for the horrors that it visited upon us. Instead, let us rejoice in the freedoms that it has taught us all to hold dear."

-Archon Peter Steiner-Davion in a broadcast to the people of the Lyran Alliance, 30 April, 3067[23]

"I, Peter Ardan Steiner-Davion, do hereby pledge my life and my honor to perform, to the best of my abilities, the responsibilities of Archon of the Lyran Alliance, now and for as long as I am capable, and to protect the people of the realm from all aggressors, and to faithfully uphold the integrity of the Articles of Acceptance…"

-Excerpt from Peter's oath of office before the Estates General, 7 November, 3067[24]

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