Philip Hughes

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Philip Michael Hughes
Character Profile
Born c.a. 3066[1]
Died 4 August 3146[2][1]
Affiliation House Hughes
Profession Noble
Parents Justine Hughes (mother)[3]
Spouse Jessica Marik
Children Janos

Philip Michael Hughes was the son of Justine Hughes and a member of the influential family which controlled IrTech, the Irian based industrial company; he was the first husband of future Captain-General Jessica Halas.[4]


Philip Hughes met Jessica Halas, only daughter of the "false Thomas Marik" Duke Thomas Halas and Duchess Sherryl Halas of the Duchy of Oriente, in the spring of 3080 at an Oriente University fundraiser held in Amur in support of victims of the Word of Blake. There was considerable political and celebrity speculation that Philip and the 17-year-old Jessica had formed a relationship after meeting, although their relationship wouldn't be announced publicly until October 3080.[4] The engagement between Philip and Jessica was announced formally from Oriente on the 15th of January 3081.[4][5] As Philip was a cadet member of an influential Irian family, there was much speculation at the time that the engagement was a matter of political expediency to create close ties between the industrial base on Irian and Oriente in the wake of Irian joining the Republic of the Sphere. Despite these rumors, Duke Halas was quick to comment on the marriage as a parent:[4]


Philip would be assassinated during a hunting trip at his favorite hunting reserve on New Delos.[1]

While as Duchess and Duke we recognize the tremendous diplomatic and dynastic import of this union, Sherryl and I would like to say that we are far more proud of our daughter and her husband-to-be simply as parents who wish their children all the happiness in the world.
  — Duke Thomas Halas, 15th January 3081


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