Phoenix Hawk LAM

Phoenix Hawk LAM
Phoenix Hawk Land-Air 'Mech
Production information
Manufacturer Allied Aerospace
Production Year 2701[1]
Model PHX-HK2
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Dort 100
Armor Durallex Light
Engine Allied 250
Speed 86.4 ground km/h, 1440 overthrust km/h
Jump Jets Allied AVRTech 125


The Phoenix Hawk LAM was the largest Land-Air 'Mech produced during the Star League. Allied Aerospace reworked their designs for conversion equipment and the size of the LAM, learning from their mistake with the Shadow Hawk LAM and the success of the Stinger LAM. The resulting LAM was the largest LAM ever constructed capable of remaining in AirMech mode. Unfortunately, large Land-Air 'Mech conversion technology was not fully researched before the fall of the Star League, and the Phoenix Hawk LAM frequently met its end due to the occasional glitch. The end of the Star League and destruction of the Allied Aerospace facilities at the beginning of the First Succession War prevented further development and refinement.[2][3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The basic configuration of the Phoenix Hawk LAM is armed with a torso-mounted One Amsterdam 120 Large Laser, and tandem Maxum 50 Medium Laser-Sperry/Browning Machine Gun in each arm. Despite the increased size of the Land-Air 'Mech relative to the original Phoenix Hawk, the Phoenix Hawk LAM remains poorly armored. Worse, the Phoenix Hawk LAM is vulnerable to being crippled during conversion.


  • PHX-HK1 
    Developed for the Star League Defense Force Royal Divisions in 2692, this variant of the Phoenix Hawk LAM used four Medium Lasers and a single ER Large Laser as its main firepower. Twelve double heat sinks kept the heat curve low, but the limited fuel, armor, and maneuverability made the Phoenix Hawk LAM easy prey for AeroSpace Fighters of the same weight. It could maneuver fast enough to evade heavier foes however.[4] BV (2.0) = 1,942[5]
  • PHX-HK1R 
    This version was created before the introduction of the PHX-HK2, in 2695. It removed the ER Large Laser, a Medium Laser, and two heat sinks, replacing them with an experimental Snub-Nose PPC, Beagle Active Probe, and an additional half ton of armor.[4] BV (2.0) = ????
  • PHX-HK1RB 
    This version was apparently created by the Word of Blake, as it removes the Beagle Probe and a Medium Laser from the PHX-HK1R and replaces that equipment with an Improved C3 Computer. The Snub-Nose PPC remains and the two remaining lasers are extended-range models. BV (2.0) = ????[6]

Related 'Mechs[edit]

  • Phoenix Hawk - Allied Aerospace based their Phoenix Hawk LAM on the successful Phoenix Hawk medium BattleMech.

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  • Munin LAM - Apparently based off the Phoenix Hawk LAM to the point where it could arguably be regarded as a variant, this LAM design seems to have only been built in tiny numbers, probably a single prototype production run.
  • SCR-1A Screaming Hawk - Conceived in 3019 as retrofit combining design elements from the Shadow Hawk, Phoenix Hawk and Phoenix Hawk LAM (and said to be based on the latter), this 55-ton BattleMech mounts a PPC, two Medium Lasers and a modular missile rack that can be either an LRM-5 or an SRM-4. It is not a LAM.[8]

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Notable Pilots[edit]

See: Category:Notable Phoenix Hawk Pilots



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