Pinard Protectorates Limited

Pinard Protectorates Limited
Corporation Profile
Founding Year3020[1]
AffiliationTaurian Concordat
HeadquartersDaniel (Pinard III)[2]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

A privately held company, Pinard Protectorates Limited received most of its contracts from the Taurian Concordat government but focused on the planetary militia level rather than the Taurian Defense Force.[1]


After its founding in 3020, small arms and personal armor are what allowed Pinard Protectorates Limited to expand. Though persistent rumors suggested that they produced the Rommel tank, this wasn't correct. The company was briefly merged with the Alphard Trading Corporation, which led to a joint venture with ATC and Kali-Yama Industries. PPL built the engines and several other parts used in the J. Edgar and Fulcrum hovercrafts produced by this joint venture.[1]

The Pinard Protectorate facilities on the water-world of Perdition consisted of three separate factories on miniature islands. The defenders had to use large, vulnerable air and sea transports to move reinforcements between factories, because traveling along the sea bottom by 'Mech was too slow to be practical for the distances involved.[3] A fourth facility, once a part of PPL, had resumed independent operations as the Taurian branch of Alphard Trading Corporation.

Hansen's Roughriders destroyed all the manufacturing facilities on MacLeod's Land in 3074. The company gambled by trying to expand the Perdition facility, but in July of 3075 two-thirds of those production lines were destroyed by Longwood's Bluecoats as they turned traitor and joined the Roughriders' attack on pro-Taurian facilities. In late 3076, Pinard Protectorates Limited was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and both Taurus Territorial Industries and Vandenberg Mechanized Industries began to consider acquiring PPL.[4]


Pinard Protectorates Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

MacLeod's Land[edit]

These facilities were destroyed by Hansen's Roughriders in 3074.[4] By 3079, the remaining 10% of their workforce had returned to work, and the factory was operating at 20% of its maximum output.[5] Production of the Locust started in 3079, and Clint and Stinger 'Mechs were the company's next priorities.[6]

Components produced on MacLeod's Land:[7][8]
Component Type
LCT-1V Locust[7][6] Light BattleMech
LCT-5T Locust[6] Light BattleMech
LCT-5V Locust[6] Light BattleMech
STG-5R Stinger[9] Light BattleMech
STG-3R Stinger[7] Light BattleMech
STG-5T Stinger[citation needed] Light BattleMech
CLNT-3-3T Clint[citation needed] Medium BattleMech
Battle Armor
Asterion medium battle armor
Marauder (Battle Armor)[8] heavy battle armor
Bulldog Medium Truck Wheeled Vehicles
Bergan VII Locust[7]
Earthwerks STG Stinger[7]
Jump Jets
Chilton 360 Stinger[7] and Clint[citation needed]
Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Shipped to Pinard and Taurus for Thunderbolt and Warhammer[7] to Sterope for APC and Taurus for Marshal[6]
Light Machine Gun
Sperry Browning Locust[6]
Machine Gun Array
Protectorate Array Assembly Locust[citation needed]
Anti-Missile System
Deprus Swarmshot [citation needed]


Note: Two thirds of these production lines were destroyed by Longwood's Bluecoats in 3075.[4] Between the 3075 attack and subsequent raids by Word of Blake forces all of the industry on Perdition had been destroyed by 3081.[10][5]

Components produced on Perdition:[11][12][13][14] [15]
Component Type
WSP-3A Wasp[citation needed] Light BattleMech
WSP-1A Wasp[11] Light BattleMech
Vedette[11] Tracked Vehicles - Medium Tank
Light SRM Carrier[13] Tracked Vehicles
J. Edgar[11][12] Hovercraft - Light Tank
Fulcrum[citation needed] Hovercraft
Bulldog Medium Truck[14] Wheeled Vehicles
Pit Bull Medium Truck[15] Wheeled Vehicles
Aerospace Fighter
TRB-D36 Thunderbird[11] heavy aerospace fighter
1A Type 3 Wasp[11]
Internal Combustion Engine
InterComBust 140 Light SRM Carrier[13]
Aeroframe 6 Thunderbird[11]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
standard armor Light SRM Carrier[13]
StarSlab-7 J. Edgar[12]
Fusion Engine
GM 120 [citation needed]
Leenex 120 Wasp and shipped to MacLeod's Land for Stinger[11]
Leenex 145 J. Edgar[11][12]
Leenex 160 Shipped to MacLeod's Land for Locust[11]
LTV 160 [citation needed]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 52 Wasp[11]
Communications System
Communicator Light SRM Carrier[13]
Neil 5000 J. Edgar[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with Indirec Trek Light SRM Carrier[13]
TracTex Alpha-1 J. Edgar[12]
Harvester 2K Wasp, J.Edgar/Shipped to Pinard and Taurus for Thunderbolt[11]
Harvester 20K Shipped to Pinard for Plainsman and to New Vandenberg for Chippewa
Streak SRM-2
Pinard Reaper Shipped to Sterope for Maultir and to Illiushin for Shadow Hawk


During the Jihad the plant didn't lose any personnel, but it was only operating at 80% of its maximum productivity in 3079.[5]

Components produced on Pinard:[16][17][18]
Component Type
Phoenix Hawk[2] Medium BattleMech
MAD-3R Marauder[2][16] Heavy BattleMech
Plainsman[2][17] Hovercraft - Medium Tank
Prowler[2] Tracked Vehicles
Light SRM Carrier[citation needed] Wheeled Vehicles
Bulldog Medium Truck[18] Wheeled Vehicles - Civilian Support Vehicle
Internal Combustion Engine
Locom-Pack 140 Plainsman[17]
Locom-Pack 250 [citation needed]
GM Marauder Marauder[16]
Fusion Engine
145 Leenex Fusion [citation needed]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-3 Plainsman[17]
Communications System
Neil 5000 [citation needed]
Olmstead 30 Plainsman[17]
Targeting-Tracking System
Maxwell TA55 Plainsman[17]
TracTex Alpha-1 [citation needed]
Medium Laser
Martell Marauder /Shipped to MacLeod's Land for Locust, to New Vandenberg for Marauder, to Organo for Sabre, to Perdition for Thunderbird and to Taurus for Locust, Marauder, Warhammer and Lightning[16]
Harvester 2K Plainsman[17]
Harvester 20K Plainsman[17]


During the Jihad, the Organo plant didn't lose any personnel, but in 3079 it was only operating at three-quarters of its maximum production.[5]

Components produced on Organo:[19]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighter
SB-27 Sabre[19][20] light aerospace fighter
Aeroframe 1[19] Sabre


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